Convert bytes to megabytes

In one of my projects, I need to find the file-size in megabytes again and again. This simple method helps me to convert the size of a file in bytes to megabytes. This is useful for very large files.

MEGABYTE = 1024.0 * 1024.0
def bytesToMeg bytes
  bytes /  MEGABYTE

# big file
len = File.size("Dreamweaver8-en.exe")
puts len.to_s + ' bytes'  # displays 62651176 bytes
puts bytesToMeg(len).to_s + ' MB'  # displays 59.7488174438477 MB

One of the uses for PDF conversion is that by going through the process of converting PDF to Word you’ll have a more easily editable document than if you didn’t do PDF conversion and tried to edit a PDF file.

The program code is pretty obvious and as you can see the method uses division. However, it is best to wrap this functionality in a method.

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