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Some interesting news and articles that I thought worth mentioning:

  • Ruby Mentor – The RubyMentor project aims to assist those learning Ruby, by assigning them a 1:1 mentor to guide them in their learning. This does not mean that the mentor is a teacher; the burden of learning is still on the learner, but the mentor will help the learner get to know Ruby and it’s ecosystem better and with the design and implementation of their first Ruby software. In short, this hooks up Ruby Newbies with folks who have more experience.
  • Use the Ruby on Rails Alternative – When it comes to developing MVC Web applications, Ruby on Rails offers perhaps a simpler option than J2EE. Discover how to forgo JSP, HTML, servlets, and EJB when building a CRUD application.
  • [Google Summer of Code]()\ Pat Eyler reports that the Google’s Summer of Code is about to start. Ruby Central is once again planning to act as the mentoring organization for Ruby. For Ruby to be represented again this year, they need mentors. If you’re interested in helping a college student work on a project using (or benefiting) Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JRuby, Rubinius, or any of the other insanely cool Ruby environments please send Pat an email right away. They need to get our application turned in this week. Google will post the list of mentoring organizations on March 14th. Google will be accepting student proposals March 15-24, so, if you’re a student, this is the time to start putting together a proposal. Some useful links are – The SoC FAQ, Mentors’ Page, Students’ Page.

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