Beginning Ruby

The book, Beginning Ruby is a complete beginner’s guide to Ruby and ideal for both people who’ve not programmed before or those who’ve done a little programming but don’t understand the finer details (such as OOP, dynamic languages, or scripting).

The author, Peter Cooper of Ruby Inside fame and the publisher Apress have been kind enough to offer the eBook version of this book for just US\$ 15-00 to the members of PuneRuby. However, in case you want to buy this eBook, you need to hurry as the publishers will offer this discounted price to the first 15 buyers only. For the moment, you need to have a free Paypal account to process online credit card payments. Contact me for the promotional coupon code.

Update (8th April 2007): While reading this book, I was pleasantly surprised to find mention of my Learning Ruby site under Useful Resources | Tutorials and Guides | Ruby and Techniques. Thank you Peter.

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