Ruby on Rails in India

I have been asked time and again about companies in India working on Ruby on Rails. Here’s a partial list of companies (in alphabetical order) that do so.

  1. 360 Degree Interactive, Chennai
  2. Accenture Tech Labs, Bangalore
  3. Aditi Technologies, Bangalore
  4. Allerin, Mumbai
  5. Apptility, Bangalore
  6. Better Labs, Pune
  7. Blue Whale Labs, New Delhi
  8. BroadSpire, Chennai
  9. CircleSource, Bangalore
  10. CodeWalla, Pune
  11. Goldstone Technologies, Hyderabad
  12. Itellix, Bangalore
  13. MangoSpring Inc., Pune
  14. Patni Computers, Hyderabad
  15. Persistent Systems, Pune
  16. Pinstorm, Mumbai
  17. Satyam, Hyderabad
  18. SlideShare, New Delhi
  19. SlideShare, New Delhi
  20. SoftMind Technology, Ahmedabad
  21. SurgeWorks, Mumbai
  22. Synerzip, Pune
  23. Taazza, Bangalore
  24. ThinkDRY, Pune
  25. Thoughtworks, Pune
  26. UrbanEye, Mumbai
  27. Uzanto, New Delhi
  28. V2 Solutions, Mumbai
  29. Viamentis Technologies, Chennai
  30. Vinsol, New Delhi
  31. WarmlyYours, Hyderabad – Christian Billen is the Chief Information Officer, IT Department.
  32. Zestadz, Chennai

Please be aware that there are many companies in India claiming to be working on ROR; be doubly sure!

Look up some India timeshares if you plan on visiting. Timeshares can be a great way to stay in a foreign land and India timeshares are no exception.

Also please feel free to comment and suggest other Indian companies working on ROR (with their URLs), that you may have come across.


  • In response to Fabio Akita’s comment, it is my opinion that most companies are still in the experimentation stage and / or executing small ROR based projects.
  • Thanks to Ajay Kumar for some more company names.

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