Rails Developers in India, I'd Recommend

Like Peter Cooper, I too constantly get emails from various readers of RubyLearning.com, who are looking for Rails developers in India for their projects. As I don’t do this myself, I have to keep giving out a list of Rails developers I know and trust or have had good feedback about.

My previous blog post Ruby on Rails in India just lists down all the companies working in Rails in India.

Here, I am listing down companies (in no particular order) I’d recommend and will keep it updated as a resource for everyone to use.

If you have worked with any of these companies or with some company not listed here, please do comment about your experience and why you would recommend or not recommend that company..

(Disclaimer: None of these companies has ever paid me anything and none requested this post.. just to be clear!)

  1. Blue Whale Labs (Contact Person: Ranvir Gujral), Delhi provides strategic consulting, conceptualization, design, and development for innovative social applications. They have an extensive history in usability, user experience, design, and web application development. They couple that expertise with deep and current technology domain knowledge to satisfy complex client requirements. They also provide a thorough understanding of business, operations, and, most importantly, how to launch robust web applications from scratch with limited time and budget.\ The Blue Whale team is led by seasoned social software architects and strategists. They bring specific end-to-end knowledge of the challenges that face today’s emerging and established social application providers. Blue Whale Labs was founded on the premise that social application providers are best served by a firm that completely understands and can deliver upon the emerging social technology topology.
  2. BetterLabs (Contact Person: Vaibhav Domkundwar), Pune is a product development company focused on building products that address critical pain points and deliver an easy and simple user experience. Their products fall in the consumer Internet and web-based business application segments. At BetterLabs, they have created an unique model for new product development where they build products and aim to take them through the first 12-18 months to demonstrate a successful revenue model, at which point, such products may be spun out. They use this model for their internal product development and work with very early stage Silicon Valley startup founders to build their product from the concept stage to go live, acting as their product development team. They primarily develop in Ruby on Rails and PHP. The products that they have delivered so far include:

    • dealplumber
    • iNods
    • iLetYou*
    • YouStyleMe.com (not yet launched)*
    • NotAProblem, Inc. (not yet launched)*
    • ChitChat, Inc. (not yet launched)*
    • Friendput.com (not yet launched)*
    • CityFile, Inc. (not yet launched)*

      * = all these are startup companies in the US.

  3. Vinayak Solutions (Vinsol – Contact Person: Manik Juneja), Delhi is a small “boutequish” web application development firm. They have been working on Ruby on Rails exclusively for more than an year now, working on client projects, doing consulting gig and even providing training. They are probably the only Indian company to have released Rails plugins. They have also released a Paypal library at ruby gems. Another area which is their forte is Rails deployment’. They have experience doing automated deployment using Capistrano on standalone servers to clusters with providers ranging form Textdrive (Joyent) and RimuHosting to Engineyard. They are a test driven, agile team. They implement scrum for executing their projects. Some of their successful projects on Rails have been nosuni.com and boostedmobile.com

  4. Synerzip (Contact Person: Vinayak Joglekar), Pune is a company based in Dallas, TX with its Offshore Development Center in Pune, India. Synerzip focuses on helping early stage and mid level companies to develop innovative software products using the agile methodology of development. Synerzip has developed more than a dozen products for various companies in the legal, supply chain, manufacturing, healthcare and telecommunication verticals. Their focus is on technologies like J2EE, .Net and Ruby on Rails. All the products developed by Synerzip are having a sizeable component that is web based and uses MVC architecture using frameworks like Struts. They have made use of ORM layer using frameworks such as Hibernate or Ibatis in almost all of their products. They have just signed their first customer using Ruby on Rails. They are planning to aggressively recruit talent and create a high quality practice for serious work in Ruby on Rails.

  5. CircleSource (Contact Person: Sanchit Jain), Bangalore provides software product engineering services designed to reduce time-to-market, development and maintenance costs, risks, and enable the customer to focus on the business intelligence of the product. They are located in Burmingham, Alabama and Bangalore, India. They are ISO 9001:2000 certified. They are an STPI (software technology parks of India) unit. They have worked extensively on Ruby on Rails and have a 10 people team working on rails projects. They are currently working on a healthcare application, a social networking application, and an event management application using rails. They are using advanced features of Ruby on Rails / AJAX and are also working on a framework to deploy large rails applications on distributed servers.

  6. MangoSpring (Contact Person: Vishwa Malhotra), Pune is a product technology startup focused on building community and communication related network of services. These services are platform agnostic and would offer a seamless, end to end user experience across multiple mediums. They truly believe that these services will make you wonder how you managed without them so far! They love it when they are able to use upcoming technologies to rapidly build innovative solutions. So as a company one of their latest excitement is Ruby on Rails. They put the money where their mouth is and so are currently building majority of their server systems on the Rails framework. These servers will provide rendering and back-end services to both Web 2.0 and Mobile clients enabling users to have seamless access to communication and collaborations services anytime, anywhere.


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