7 Things You Can Do With Ruby

So you want to do something with Ruby but think there’s not much you can do? Rubbish!

Below is a list of just 7 things you can do with Ruby.

  1. Name your daughter or puppy RubyPeter Cooper reports that Ruby has become the 4th most popular name in the UK! Dan Kubb named his puppy Ruby.
  2. Draw Cartoons for Ruby – whytheluckstiff popularized Ruby with his excellent cartooning ability in his book Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby.
  3. Become Famous using Ruby – Build a ‘killer’ application using Ruby like David Hansson did with ‘Ruby on Rails’.
  4. Write a book on RubyBruce Tate, David Black, Hal Fulton, James Edward Gray II, Peter Cooper to name a few, have done it. If you have the knack and the knowledge, write one.
  5. Build a business around RubyPeerant amongst hundreds of other companies are doing it. Why not you?
  6. Have fun – My RubyLearning.com site’s motto is – ‘Ruby helps programmers have more fun…’ Why not?
  7. Blog about Ruby – And finally like me, if you have nothing better to do, blog about Ruby!

In conclusion: I could go on and on (and I probably will)…

Update: The 7 Things can easily become 10 or 25 or 50 Things -

  1. Teach Ruby – Like I do at the University level.
  2. Start a RUG – I started a Ruby User Group – PuneRuby. The experience has been satisfying.
  3. Monetize your Ruby site/blog – I use Google Adsense. Atleast it covers my domain and hosting costs!

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