Ruby Study Notes in Italian?

This time around it is not good news or is it?

Through some contacts I came to know that an Italian IT journalist has been copying my Ruby Study Notes and publishing it in the journalist’s own name in an Italian online journal – and without providing any copyright information. My initial reaction was one of anger and I shot off an email to the journalist. The email id was fake and naturally the email bounced back. The translations have probably been done using an automatic translator and many a times the journalist has forgotten to change the examples or references. For example, the translation of my article ‘SMTP class’ by the journalist here, uses the IP address of our SMTP server!!

My good friend Arindam Basu wrote this email to me:

C’mon Satish! It happens. Take it easy. After all, you are generous enough to give all of your hard earned knowledge out to us for free?

How many Ruby programmers in the country do you think, will openly acknowledge that he or she can do this magic because he or she learnt it from Satish Talim’s website? Would you be equally angry with them?

So I guess the best thing to do is hope that the Italian journalist acknowledges and provides the relevant copyright information. The next best thing to do is to accept this and officially mention and link it on my site – Italian translation by ….

What do you feel? Do post your views / suggestions.

Update: One hour after I made this post, the Italian journalist sent me an email:

Dear Satish Talim,

I regret to this great problem.

I delete them as soon as possible.

Regards\ —

Update (22nd June 2007): The Italian journalist has agreed to translate the entire Ruby Study Notes in Italian, with a link back to

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