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Pete Yadlowsky at the University of Virginia is teaching a short course in Ruby to some of his co-workers. The class meets 2 hours once/week for six weeks. It presently meets on Tuesdays, and so he calls it “Ruby Tuesdays” (a humorous allusion to the famous Rolling Stones song and to a restaurant chain). He was looking for good teaching materials and found, among others. Thanks Pete and all the best for the “Ruby Tuesdays.”

Update:\ The University of Washington extension center is offering a Ruby Programming Certificate Program. The instructor for this programme would be Ryan Davis, founding member of the Seattle Ruby Brigade.

From the programme:

The Certificate is practical and hands-on. The first course provides an overview of the language and introduce many of the key concepts needed to begin programming quickly. The second course focuses on application development with “Rails.” Students will work on developing web sites and then iteratively develop projects to enhance those websites. The third course emphasizes the remaining advanced topics in the Ruby Programming language. All courses are project-focused and hands-on, allowing students the ability to engage in real-world applications and to interact with others in a group-work setting. The course will also focus on working within the open-source community and contributing to its overall development.

Binghamton University, State University of New York is also using this site as one of their references.

Good to see more and more Universities offering such courses.

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