Ruby Usage Trend in Indian Cities

The site has been active for some time now and the users of my site are normally people learning the Ruby programming language. For the last two years, I have been promoting the Ruby language in whatever way I can and have been keen knowing whether Ruby is catching on in India or not. With the help of Google Analytics, I sat down to analyze the ‘Ruby Usage Trend in Indian Cities‘.

Statistical purists might laugh at my sampling data but I believe that this data represents the trend fairly accurately. Amongst the 100’s of Indian Cities in my analytics data, I selected the top 20% cities that covered 80% of my site’s total hits during the period May to October 2007. The cities that qualified were Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad in that order.

The Trend Chart


Some Results

  1. Pune and Hyderabad had a slow start, but both cities have an increasing trend of usage. I am happy with the substantial increase in the usage of Ruby in Pune.
  2. Chennai and Bangalore seem to have started cooling off – why?
  3. I have the figures for November (so far) and Pune and Hyderabad continue to show a far rapid increase than previous months

Why is there such a rapid growth in Pune and Hyderabad? Have not heard of any high-profile Ruby projects coming here. Lots of questions – no clear answers.

What do you think? Do you have a different perspective on this? Do post your viewpoint here.

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