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Recently, Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas, author of the ‘Pickaxe book’ Programming Ruby, and co-author of Agile Web Development with Rails and The Pragmatic Programmer, talked with InfoQ about Ruby, Rails and the importance of choosing the right tool for the job.

The quote that made my day was when Dave was asked: “Why does coding in Ruby make you happy?” and Dave answered: “*Coding in Ruby makes me happy because it’s one of the shortest paths between my brain and a computer. I can think of something and I can express it very succinctly and typically fairly elegantly in Ruby without all the kind of extraneous fluff that you need in most other languages, and that makes me happy. It also makes me happy because I like playing and I like trying new things out and I like experimenting: ‘Does this work?’ and Ruby has sufficient depth that I can do that. I am still learning new things about Ruby every day and that is good fun, so it makes me happy because I can be productive, but also makes me happy because I learn while I am using it, it’s just not static.*“

Yes Dave there are thousands of such happy Ruby programmers out there and Matz and you made that happen for us.

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