Best of RubyLearning Posts for Ruby Beginners

Here’s a digest of RubyLearning’s best posts for Ruby beginners. These include (with the latest posts first):


  • David Flanagan talks to RubyLearning
    David Flanagan is the author of the book “The Ruby Programming Language”. David says that his book was written to be a definitive book on the language, and is intended for those who want to learn and master the language. He also offers insights on Ruby 1.9.
  • Charles Nutter talks to RubyLearning Participants
    Charles Nutter currently works full-time as a core developer on JRuby at Sun Microsystems. He talks on how JRuby brings the Ruby and Java world closer.
  • “AkitaOnRails” Advises A Young Ruby Beginner
    Fabio Akita is a Brazilian Rails enthusiast, also known online as “AkitaOnRails”. Here Fabio advises a 16 year young participant of the FORPC101 course. Advise that is valid for any Ruby beginner.
  • Advise For Ruby Beginners
    Ruby Gurus: Agnieszka Figiel from Poland, David Black from USA, Fabio Akita from Brazil, Jamie van Dyke from UK, Jamis Buck from USA, Jens-Christian Fischer from Switzerland, Juanjo Bazan from Spain, Julian Tarkhanov from Russia / Netherlands, Manik Juneja from India, Matt Palmer from Australia, Mislav Marohnic from Croatia, Ola Bini from Sweden, Pedro Custodio from Portugal, Peter Cooper from UK, Remco van’t Veer from Netherlands and Sau Sheong Chang from Singapore give their perspective on the various questions facing the would-be Ruby developers, in a three-part series.
  • David Black Interview: Talking to
    David Black author of Ruby for Rails and soon to be published book The Well-Grounded Rubyist offers pearls of advise.


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