Thanks to RubyLearning Sponsor Locaweb

It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s excellent sponsors!

Locaweb is the number 1 hosting company in Brazil, with around 400 employees and 133 thousand clients, hosting more than 220 thousand domains. I am including any news or developments the sponsor has had during July 2008.

Locaweb just opened up the registration website for the greatest Ruby on Rails event in Latin America: Rails Summit Latin America. It is only in Brazilian Portuguese right now, but in the next few days they’ll release the international version so every other member of the Latin America community can register. Keep an eye on Fabio Akita’s blog.

Rails already has 2 great events, the US and EU RailsConfs. This event is going to be a milestone for the whole community, completing the roster of big world wide Rails events. David Heinemeir Hansson himself will speak through online video – because he will be in Europe at the time – but several other international speakers will be there, live, including Chad Fowler, Charles Nutter, Chris Wanstrath, Luis Lavena, Obie Fernandez, and others completing the 14 outstanding names.

There will also be 7 great Brazilian Rails Entrepreneurs like Manoel Lemos, Vinicius Teles, Fabio Kung and several others to share their experience, tips and techniques with the audience.

They expect to have around 650 attendees. The event will take place on October 15th and 16th being 2 full days, with 2 parallel sessions in the afternoon, including a “Birds of a Feather” session at the end of the first day, allowing anyone from the community to present whatever they want and socialize.

If this event succeeds, this is going to become an annual event for the whole Latin America community. This event if for you, Railers, beginners or seniors, Ruby or non-Ruby programmers, Register Now and let’s celebrate together!

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