How can YOU take YOUR Ruby to the next level?

Covers Intermediate Ruby programming

Today I will show you how to take YOUR Ruby to the next level, quick and easy.

Join the brand new RubyLearning’s Online Intermediate Ruby Course (POIRPC101-1I) which will bridge the gap from learning basic or core Ruby, by providing what it takes to use some of the more advanced Ruby Libraries (Core, standard, and additional) and providing the technical skill to apply Ruby in our soon to be announced Advanced Ruby Course (which will cover such topics as: meta-programming, design patterns and best practices (OOD, TDD, BDD)).

After successfully teaching Core Ruby Programming to over 5000 participants from across the globe, RubyLearning now offers you this Online Intermediate Ruby Course for a month starting 20th Sept. 2008.

Like all RubyLearning courses, this intermediate course too would have many assistant teachers helping you all the way, solving your doubts and queries. This course is based on the ‘Guide to Intermediate Ruby Programming‘ eBook which is available at an introductory price of US$ 9.95. The fee is being collected to help RubyLearning maintain the site, the Ruby courses, the Ruby eBooks, and also provide quality content to you.

So what are YOU waiting for? Reach YOUR next Ruby level. Purchase the ‘Guide to Intermediate Ruby Programming’ eBook -
and join the POIRPC101-1I course for Free.

It’s as simple as buying the eBook and joining the course for free.

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To your success!!

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