FXRuby, YAML, ActiveRecord and Database: A New Course

by Satish Talim on October 20, 2008

FXRuby, YAML, ActiveRecord and MySQL

RL has been conducting online Ruby programming courses that has had over 5350 participants spread across 140+ countries. This has been possible due to the extensive support provided by the mentors and assistant teachers of these courses. RL strives hard to improve the methodology and course content based on the extensive and positive feedback we receive. Thanks to YOU, people like Fabio Akita and companies like Locaweb who make this possible.

Update on 30th Nov. 2008: The next batch will start in February / March. Wait for the announcement.

You kept asking for it and so here it is – the new short, intensive, online course that helps you create UI’s using FXRuby and with YAML and ActiveRecord (with Migrations) helps you access a database.

You need some background in Core Ruby to make the most out of this course, that starts on 1st Nov. 2008. You first need to register on the site and then enroll into the course.

The brief outline of this course is:

  • FXRuby
    • Installation
    • Basics
    • Event Loop
    • Writing a Text Editor
    • Assignment
  • YAML
    • Installation
    • An exercise
  • MySQL
    • Installation
    • Accessing MySQL thro’ Ruby
  • ActiveRecord (one of the pillars of Ruby on Rails)
    • Installation
    • Understanding Migrations
    • An exercise
  • A Mini-project

This course is priced at US$ 10 per participant. This amount goes towards maintaining RubyLearning and helps provide quality content to you.

So hurry, registrations have started.

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Posted by Satish Talim

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vvan October 18, 2010 at 6:10 pm


Any chance of this course coming back in 2010/11 ?

Thanks in Advance


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