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New Course Offerings

We’re rapidly expanding our course offerings here at RubyLearning, trying to keep up with the enormous and ever-growing interest in Ruby. But we need your YOUR help because, as you know, Ruby is a big subject, and we’d like to be sure to focus in on the areas of most interest to you.

A Note regarding the courses mentioned in the poll below:

  • Ruby Testing and TDD: (starting from the concepts of testing in general, Test::Unit and other tools are discussed. RSpec is not discussed. Suited for people trying to code test code.)
  • Ruby GUI: (GUI programming. Which library do you recommend – Shoes, FXRuby?)
  • Ruby: Git and GitHub: (A short course where you study Git and GitHub. Basic operations are discussed. Publishing a gem using GitHub.)
  • Ruby & SQLite3 database: (Learn SQLite3 using Ruby. Beneficial for those who already know another database and for those are relatively new to database itself.)
  • JRuby: This course is already available, but wanted to check whether you want it.
  • Merb: This is becoming very popular in the community.

Please take a moment to complete a brief poll about the new course offerings we’re considering. Also, please post your suggestions as comments to this blog post. It won’t take more than a minute or two.


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