Top Ruby Merbists to follow on Twitter

In my opinion, Twitter is the easiest way for people new to social media to get involved.

But What’s Twitter?


The New York Times says:

Twitter is a simple messaging service that you’ve either heard about a lot or not at all. Either way, it’s a fun and useful tool, well worth trying if you want to reach potential and existing customers, employees or employers.

What’s a Ruby Merbist?

The Merbist says:

A Traditional Ruby Merbist is one who is trained or skilled in the dispensing of merbal prescriptions in the Rubyist tradition.

The following list is not intended to be all-inclusive and is in no particular order, but it should give you a great start to following some talented Merbists.

  1. Ezra Zygmuntowicz – ezmobius
  2. Matt Aimonetti – merbist
  3. Yehuda Katz – wycats
  4. Foy Savas – foysavas
  5. Daniel Neighman – hassox (His updates are protected)
  6. Carl Lerche – carllerche
  7. Corey Donohoe – atmos
  8. Fabio Akita – AkitaOnRails
  9. Geoffrey Grosenbach – topfunky
  10. maiha – maiha
  11. khelll – khelll
  12. merbivore – merbivore
  13. DataMapper – datamapper

Update: The Rubyists are converting to Merbists!! We are updating the list based on your recommendations:

  1. Christian Guimaraes – csgui
  2. Michael Ivey – ivey
  3. Matt Todd – maraby
  4. John Schult – schulty
  5. Bryan Ray – bryanray
  6. Bruce Williams – wbruce
  7. shayarnett – shayarnett
  8. markpercival – markpercival
  9. benburkert – benburkert
  10. brianthecoder – brianthecoder

Have we missed out any Merbists?
You can help
. Please feel free to add a link to a Merbist’s Twitter profile. We would love to hear why you think the particular Merbist is important to Tweet with. Also, do add a link to your Twitter profile in the comments.

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