Who are the Top 5 Twitter Graded Rubyists?

As a follow-up to our earlier post “50+ Rubyists to Follow on Twitter” we used Twitter Grader to find out the top 5 ranked Rubyists.

But What’s Twitter Grader?


Twitter Grader ranks your Twitter profile up against other users of Twitter, based on things like number of followers, the power of your follower network, how often you update, and your profile bio. It gives you two numbers: your overall rank and your percentage out of 100. It is a fun tool for Twitter users.

The Top 5 Ranked Rubyists

Note: These ranking were taken on Monday, 2nd March 2009 and will change with time.

Being a bit of a Twitter Egomaniac, I graded myself too:\ Grade: 99.8 and Rank: 2,694 out of 1,461,068

Not bad!

What’s your Twitter Grade? Post it as a comment. Oh yeah, and follow me if you’re not already.

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