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It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s excellent sponsor – Locaweb.0^

Locaweb is Growing real Fast!

Locaweb has just made a big announcement this week. All web shared hosting plans now offer *unlimited* disk storage and bandwidth! It may not sound as big as it is if you’re from the US, for instance, but it is a pretty big deal if you’re from Latin America. There has been small attempts before by others but this is the move of the largest web hosting company in Brazil, which changes the rules of the game. They have also changed their website, with brand new, more modern layout and design.

They are also been rolling out “Mobimail” the brand new e-mail solution that’s been offered to all new clients. This new system allows for better mobility options such as synchronization with smartphones such as the iPhone through ActiveSync.


Finally, their Cloud Computing platform is also always evolving. They have rolled out JeOS, Canonical’s virtualization optimized Ubuntu, so they can offer increased performance and stability for the Linux environment. Their platform supports both Windows and Linux options with a large range of prices and customizations. This is the best options for projects that are beyond web shared hosting.

  1. Locaweb are the exclusive sponsors of all the Free Online Ruby Programming Courses (FORPC101) at RubyLearning.
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