RubyLearning's Sponsor: Blue Box Group

It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s sponsor – Blue Box Group.

This year is shaping up to be another big one for Blue Box Group

Blue Box Group has got some great new features for release, upgrades to their service offerings, appearances at various events and conferences and more. Check out their site and subscribe to their blog to get the latest updates!

New Releases and Future Plans

Blue Box Group has recently added and updated many of their Box Panel control panel features. One of their personal favorites is the private customer chat that they have added. Now once a customer is logged into their Box Panel account, they are able to start a private chat session with one of their support representatives. If you’ve ever got a quick question that you want to have answered or your site’s having a problem, you can now privately chat with a support representative who will help you get your problems solved. And it’s all encrypted from end to end— so you can be sure that only you and Blue Box Group are privy to your conversation. Cool beans, eh?

Another feature they have released in the past two weeks is their Bundled Content Delivery Network. Now customers of Blue Box Group are able to guarantee their site’s availability and speed by hosting their static content on their CDN. With 24 points of presence around the globe, no matter where your visitors come from, they’ll see faster load times and a more reliable application. Find out more about the CDN now!

Scalability and performance are two of the main problems Rails developers face when developing sites. Blue Box Group has recently partnered with New Relic RPM to provide support and integration of the RPM into Box Panel. All customer’s of Blue Box Group can sign-up for RPM Lite free of charge directly from their Box Panel account. Once signed up, RPM stats are viewable directly from Box Panel. Now developers can get great insight into the inner workings of their applications straight from Blue Box Group. Read their blog entry on this partnership to find out more.

They have also got some great things planned for 2009. Their Box Panel user interface is going to redesigned from the ground up with user-friendliness in mind. They are also planning a new feature to Box Panel allowing customers to clone and deploy VPS images on demand. Need a cluster? Once this feature goes live, you’ll be able to deploy one yourself in just a few minutes. These are just a few of the updates and features they have got planned for 2009. So subscribe to their blog to receive announcements about their latest updates!

Blue Box

Sponsorships and Events

Blue Box Group is dedicated to advancing the Ruby and Rails communities. Companies and organizations which they feel are beneficial to their customers and the general Rails communities stand-out to them from time to time. When a company shines like this, they like to show their support by sponsoring their project. Here are some companies and projects they have found over the past year:

  • iPhone on Rails: The iPhone has quickly rocketed to the forefront of mobile technology. Ever wanted to tap into this base of millions of users worldwide using Rails technology? Thanks to iPhone on Rails’ Objective Resource, now you can! ObjectiveResource is a framework for the iPhone that makes interacting with Ruby on Rails applications dead simple. Find out more from iPhone on Rails.
  • RubyLearning – The Blue Box Group loves Ruby on Rails! Satish Talim’s wonderful web-site helps to spread the joys of Ruby across the web. Offering classes on a multitude of topics relating to Ruby and the Rails community, this site is a great place to brush up on your Ruby skills. You should stop by today!
  • nPost – Seattle is a birthing ground for great technology start-ups. nPost realizes this and has built a wonderful community for start-ups anywhere. In addition to their website, blog and newsletter, nPost holds events and get-togethers for entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists in the Seattle area. Blue Box Group is proud to sponsor this wonderful place for technology innovation. Head over to the nPost site and check them out.

Blue Box Group will also be attending RailsConf 2009 in Las Vegas, NV. Ruby and Rails experts from around the globe attend this conference to hear about the latest trends and technologies in the Rails community. They will be there as an exhibitor, so be sure to look for their booth in the exhibition hall. The conference runs from May 4th – 7th and tickets are going fast. To find out more or to register, head over to the RailsConf09 site now.

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