RubyLearning's Sponsor: Rails Kits

It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s sponsor – Rails Kits.

Rails Kits is the place to get ready-to-use Rails code that will help you build your apps faster

Rails Kits provides Rails developers with ready-made and well-tested code for getting projects off to a quick start. Developers can save time, skipping the boring stuff like writing recurring billing code, and dive straight in to the fun stuff. Use the Rails Kits to get your project done in less time and with less work.

In April 2009, Rails Kits will celebrate its first anniversary of launching the first Kit, the SaaS Rails Kit. The reception to the SaaS Rails Kit has been overwhelmingly positive, with great apps like Sifter, Let’s Freckle, and Expens’d using it. In that year a number of other Kits have been released, the latest being the Helpdesk Rails Kit. This Kit makes it easy to add a support section and a knowledge base to your Rails app (or even as just a standalone site), and it integrates very well with email to make it a great way to easily provide support for customers from an individual or a team of people.

This year Rails Kits is looking forward to releasing more Rails Kits (and they are always open to suggestions from anyone on what would make a great next Kit to launch). Rails Kits is also eagerly looking forward to Rails 2.3 with its enhanced Engines support, which will allow them to make the Kits even easier to integrate into existing Rails projects and use multiple Kits together.


The people at Rails Kits are also looking forward to seeing the Rails Kits community grow, meeting new people, and seeing awesome new apps get built using the tools they provide.

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