RubyLearning's Sponsor: 1st Easy Limited

It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s sponsor – 1st Easy Limited.

1st Easy Limited for easy Sinatra apps hosting

1st Easy Limited are keen to play an active role in encouraging the adoption of new development technologies, and are delighted to have been given the opportunity to support the work of Satish Talim and his team at RubyLearning. If you’re a developer, or an alumni of RubyLearning and would like to test your own apps or freshly acquired skills, you’re welcome to take advantage of the free hosting trials that 1st Easy offer: simply visit the registration page and leave your details. The full-featured accounts are yours to do with as you please for one month, after which you can transfer your hard work to a paid account, or walk away with no questions asked!

UK based Passenger

So what can you expect? 1st Easy Ruby on Rails hosting packages feature the following as standard:

  • Passenger LAMP stack (MySQL 5, PHP 5)
  • Git and Subversion (with support over SSH)
  • Support for Sinatra and Rails applications
  • Your choice of Rails version
  • Gem installations on request
  • phpMyAdmin MySQL management interface
  • Parallels Pro website control panel
  • Telephone and ticket support

Now celebrating their tenth year of trading, UK based 1st Easy provide shared and dedicated Linux hosting, backed with a friendly and professional support service.

More recently, and in line with the increasing popularity of agile development methods, 1st Easy have embraced the exciting Passenger/Rails hosting movement, using the Phusion Passengerâ„¢ (mod_rails / mod_rack) Apache module to provide Rails and Sinatra application hosting within a managed, shared environment.

You can keep up to date with the latest developments by subscribing to the 1st Easy Blog – don’t forget to leave your comments, which are always appreciated!

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