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It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s sponsor – Railsware.

Railsware for premium-quality web

Twitter, twitter! Are you twittering all around and nobody hears your sweet voice? That’s strange. Perhaps Twitter isn’t your marketing tool. However for Railsware, Twitter became that real call to action when the team of Ruby on Rails developers preaching methods of agile programming came together in 2005. Until that time Twitter had not become so ‘rich and famous’ as it is now, developers were open to new ideas and the goal was somewhere far away.

With its very first project, Railsware got focused on fast implementation of web applications using agile methods. As another example, 37signals became one of those companies who succeeded in elegant and powerful Rails development. Their book “Getting Real”? became a universal guide for Railsware to building successful web applications.

Railsware for premium-quality web applications

Open-source Rails community gives developers an opportunity to discover new methods and tools, to meet requirements not met by the licensed software. Twitter is the same. Even today Twitter is probably the biggest Rails site on the web and its growing scalability is a loud fact of its open-source nature.

Do you remember that Email, IM, RSS, SMS and the web are just transports as well as Twitter? Railsware gives every startup-idea a fast scalable ‘ware’ delivering solution.

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