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It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s sponsor – ProjectLocker.

ProjectLocker: Software Quality on

ProjectLocker provides tools and services to help software development teams quickly set up an enterprise-quality infrastructure at an affordable price. Using ProjectLocker, teams can spend less time finding, configuring, and managing tools and more time doing what is most important — writing great software to meet customer needs.

ProjectLocker’s suite of software development tools features source control with both Git & Subversion hosting, and bug tracking, wiki, and project management with hosted Trac. These solutions are available almost immediately after signing up online and come in an array of subscription packages:

  • ProjectLocker Free – an ad-supported option that offers up to 300MB of space for 2 users that’s available at no cost to the clients, who can then earn more space & users through invitations and referrals.
  • ProjectLocker Lite – the basic paid service with multiple levels (Seed, Angel, Venture, and Equity) tailored to the growth stages of a software company that allows clients to gracefully expand as needed, starting at \$2.50 per month for 1GB of storage space.
  • ProjectLocker Enterprise – for full scale IT departments seeking to lower the total cost of ownership of their development infrastructure, where clients have no preset data limits and can purchase both ProjectLocker’s standard Trac & SCM offerings as well as a number of proprietary productivity tools on an a la carte basis.

In addition, ProjectLocker integrates with many of the most popular and successful development tools in the cloud, including Basecamp, Rally, FogBugz, Twitter, Jabber, and These features, along with the availability of unlimited projects and repositories for all service levels, lets ProjectLocker provide everything teams need to communicate with each other and with their customers.

ProjectLocker: Software Quality on Demand

ProjectLocker has a record of customer service and reliability that is unmatched in the hosted tools space. ProjectLocker provides both e-mail and telephone technical support to its clients. It also performs hourly backups of all client data that can be used to implement up to bare metal restores if necessary and has maintained 99.9% uptime for its hosted servers since 2003. ProjectLocker’s web-based delivery model allows teams to access their tools securely anywhere they can access the Internet — even through most client firewalls.

For more information, contact ProjectLocker by calling +1-866-GO-GET-PL (+1-866-464-3875), e-mailing sales (at), or by visiting

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