Want to promote your book/product/event?

Want to promote your book/product/event?

RubyLearning is pleased to announce that we shall be running book promotions on RubyLearning.org. This is probably the most powerful marketing you can do without giving us any money. For all the details, download our brochure. If you have something other than a book, don’t worry. We plan to do this for products, classes/courses and events too.

The general idea is that we tell our members (via email) about your book/product/event (all must be related to Ruby in some way) and that we are giving one or more copies/tickets away. We also tell them that one of the authors/developers/instructors will be visiting us for the next few days in one of our forums. The members will interact with the author/developer/instructor and would post their questions/queries with respect to the book/product/event. After four days, we give away one or more copies/tickets of the product (“we” being “you”).

Wicked Cool Ruby

To begin with, we are promoting the book “Wicked Cool Ruby Scripts” from No Starch Press from 28th to 30th April. Anyone interested in Ruby programming can register at RubyLearning.org and enroll here using enrollment key BPCE101. So hurry. You could win this book.

For questions related to this blog post or to schedule a promotion, contact: mail AT satishtalim DOT com

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