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by Satish Talim on May 14, 2009

Ruby with Shoes Course – 5th Batch

RL offers online courses in Ruby programming, Git & GitHub, FXRuby, Shoes, Twitter & Ruby, JRuby, Sinatra and Merb. So far, these courses have had over 8600 participants spread across 140+ countries. This has been possible due to the extensive support provided by the patrons, mentors and assistant teachers of these courses. RL strives hard to improve the methodology and course content based on the extensive and critical feedback we receive. Thanks to YOU, people like Fabio Akita and companies like Locaweb who make this possible.

What’s Shoes?

The extraordinaire Rubyist “Why The Lucky Stiff” (_why)1 has been working energetically on Shoes, a Ruby Cross Platform GUI App Toolkit. Shoes is simple and straightforward.

Shoes Icon

If you learn Shoes and Ruby programming, your programming life would become much more enjoyable!

Who’s It For?

You need some background in Core Ruby to make the most out of this course,


The course starts on 13th June 2009. It’s a two week course. You first need to register on the site and then enroll into the course.

What Will I Learn?

The brief outline of this course is:

  • First week: First Step (_why’s 16 sample programs and extra little challenges)
  • Second week: Snake in Shoes (New exercise)2
  • Side forum: Shoes Gallery (introduce some nice apps or participant’s own code)

Previous Exercises:

Course conducted by?

The course is conducted by Shoes NinjaSatoshi Asakawa from Japan with 24×7 help from the assistant teachers, mentors and patrons at RubyLearning.


Early Bird Registration Discounts

  • For the first 10 registrations, Course Fee: US$ 3 per participant
  • For the next 30 registrations, Course Fee US$ 4 per participant
  • After the first 40 registrations, Course Fee US$ 5 per participant

The course fee goes towards maintaining RubyLearning and helps provide quality content to you.

Looking for Sponsors is looking for 4 course sponsors with 180×180 banners to be hosted on the course site. For details email at

The first four batches were a run-away success. So hurry, registrations have started.

This FAQ would help answer most of your queries.

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  1. _why appreciates this course. We are honored!
  2. Inspired by Quite Useful’s blog post. Thanks.
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