Rails Summit Latin America 2009

Rails Summit Latin America

Back in 2005 there was virtually no Ruby community in Brazil. David Hansson himself was there, at the FISL conference, showcasing a pre-1.0 Rails (which later became the famous 15-min blog screencast). Only 3 years later the community grew up dramatically and in 2008, Rails Summit Latin America was unleashed and it was a huge success. They had more than 20 international speakers, more than 550 attendees in 2 full days with 2 parallel tracks, real-time translators, coffee-break, lunch, ubiquitous wi-fi, and much more. They targetted a RailsConf-like event and I think they delivered.

Marcos, Fabio and Willian at the Rails Summit Latin America

This year they want to repeat the success with the 2nd edition of the Summit. It’s going to happen at the same place, in Sao Paulo City, Brazil. They expect to see people through out South America.

Attend to celebrate Rails, get to know other Railers, increase your business network and, of course, learn even more about Ruby and Rails.

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