20+ Clojurians to Follow on Twitter

What’s Clojure?


According to Wikipedia: “Clojure is a modern dialect of the Lisp programming language. It is a general-purpose language supporting interactive development that encourages a functional programming style, and simplifies multithreaded programming. Clojure runs on the Java Virtual Machine and the Common Language Runtime. Clojure honors the code-as-data philosophy and has a sophisticated Lisp macro system.”

Stuart Halloway in his Programming Clojure book says – “Clojure feels like a general-purpose language beamed back from the near future. Its support for functional programming and software trans-actional memory is well beyond current practice and is well suited for multicore hardware. At the same time, Clojure is well grounded in the past and the present. It brings together Lisp and the Java Virtual Machine. Lisp brings wisdom spanning most of the history of programming, and Java brings the robustness, extensive libraries, and tooling of the dominant platform available today.”

Who’s a Clojurian?

A Clojurian is a person who uses the Clojure programming language.

A list of Clojurians Using Twitter


Michael Kohl of RubyLearning has compiled this list of over 20 Clojurians, in alphabetical order, with a link to their Twitter profile. The following list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but it should give you a great start to following some talented Clojurians.

  1. Adityo Deshmukh, Pune (India) – adityo
  2. Alex Ott, Paderborn (Germany) – alexott_en
  3. Amit Rathore, Mountain View, CA (USA) – amitrathore
  4. Anthony Simpson, Eldridge, Alabama (USA) – iorayne
  5. Baishampayan Ghose, Pune (India) – ghoseb
  6. Bradford Cross, San Francisco (USA) – bradfordcross
  7. Brian Carper – BrianCarper
  8. Chas Emerick, USA – cemerick
  9. Chris Houser, Indiana (USA) – chrishouser
  10. Christian Guimarães, Europe – csgui
  11. Christophe Grand, Saint-Étienne (France) – cgrand
  12. Craig Andera, Washington DC (USA) – craigandera
  13. Daniel Glauser, Castle Rock, Colorado (USA) – danielglauser
  14. Daniel Solano Gómez, Houston, Texas (USA) – deepbluelambda
  15. Dave Fayram – kirindave
  16. David Edgar Liebke, Silver Spring, Maryland (USA) – liebke
  17. Javier Neira, Gasteiz (Spain) – jneira
  18. Kyle Burton, Philadelphia (USA) – kyleburton
  19. Lau Jensen, Denmark – LauJensen
  20. Michael Fogus, Washinton DC (USA) – fogus
  21. Michael Kohl, Vienna (Austria) – citizen428
  22. Nathan Marz, San Francisco (USA) – nathanmarz
  23. Nikhil Prabhakar, Pune (India) – nipra
  24. Nurullah Akkaya, Turkey – nakkaya
  25. Phil Bennett – philoUK
  26. Ramakrishnan, Bangalore (India) – vu3rdd
  27. Rich Hickey, USA – richhickey
  28. Robert Stehwien, Albuquerque, NM (USA) – rstehwien
  29. Roy Deal Simon – RoyDealSimon
  30. Sam Aaron, Amsterdam (Netherlands) – samaaron
  31. Sean Devlin – fulldisclojure
  32. Seth Schroeder – foogoof
  33. Siddhartha Reddy, Bangalore (India) – sids
  34. Stuart Halloway, Chapel Hill, NC (USA) – stuarthalloway
  35. Stuart Sierra, NYC (USA) – stuartsierra
  36. T Batchelli, San Francisco (USA) – tbatchelli


  1. DisClojure – disclojure

Have we missed out any Clojurians? You can help. Please feel free to add a link to a Clojurian’s Twitter profile. We would love to hear why you think the particular Clojurian is important to Twitter with. Also, do add a link to your Twitter profile in the comments.

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