A Free Course on Sinatra

by Satish Talim on April 24, 2010

A Free Course on Sinatra

To celebrate the release of Sinatra 1.0 RubyLearning announces the first-ever, free online “Introduction to Sinatra” course starting from 15th May 2010.

Sinatra – quickly create tiny web apps and services

What’s Sinatra?

Sinatra is a micro-framework for quickly creating tiny web-applications and small services in Ruby. It is not a Model-View-Controller (MVC) based framework.

Please read – Sinatra, a Ruby web framework, and Why it Matters.

Our Awesome Sponsor

This course is sponsored by Rock & Code.

A leading software development firm based in Amsterdam

Rock & Code is an Amsterdam based artisan shop that specializes in providing custom server, desktop, mobile and web solutions, which thunder strike your competition and rock your business to the top. If you have a software problem, we hold the key. If you have an idea, the Rock & Code team has what it takes to make it a dazzling reality. We employ Agile techniques together with Ruby, Erlang, Objective-C, and other Open Source technologies and libraries to turn you into the hottest new thing in town. Our communications and marketing services further strengthen our digital endeavors and help you ace the rest and be among the best. After all, there are many ways to rock but only we can rock you to the top.

Heroku Logo

Thanks to Heroku for providing the facility to create free hosting accounts for all the participants, to host their apps created during the course. Heroku – it’s fast, it’s easy, and it just works!

What Will I Learn?

In this introductory course, you will learn the essential features of Sinatra 1.0 that you will end up using every day. The course topics are:

  • Introduction to Sinatra
    • What is Sinatra?
    • A quick look at HTTP
    • What’s HTTP?
    • Loading a web page
    • HTTP request methods
  • A quick look at Routes
  • set
  • before block
  • pass
  • status
  • A trivial Sinatra application
  • Installation
    • Dependencies
  • Deployment
    • Git
    • Heroku
  • Views – ERB and HAML
  • Handler
  • Form parameters
  • Layouts
  • Error Handling
  • Helpers
  • Exercises
    • String Reversal Service
    • Stock Exchange Quote Service
    • Mountain Bike Trails
    • Finding Photos on Flickr
    • Sorter Web Service
    • Using Yahoo! Web Service for Search
    • Simple CRUD app with ActiveRecord and YAML
  • Using Rack Middleware

You can read through the RubyLearning FAQ.

Some Fun Apps

Here are some fun apps created by the batch participants and deployed to Heroku:

Won’t you like to create some simple Sinatra applications like the following?

Yes, you too can build all such applications and many more.

Who’s It For?

Anyone who knows the Ruby programming language can take the “Introduction to Sinatra” course, and is a starting point for people new to Sinatra and a guide to help learn it as quickly and easily as possible.

Sinatra Icon


The course starts on 15th May 2010 and runs for a week. You first need to register on the site and then and email me your registered email id to satish [dot] talim [at] gmail.com.

Number of Participants

The course is restricted to the first 30 participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

Famous Rubyists using Sinatra talked to RubyLearning and gave us their views on:

Also, thanks to Adam Keys, Aaron Quint, and Ryan Tomayko for sharing their expertise on Sinatra with the course participants.

And last but not the least, thanks to Julio Javier Cicchelli for his constant support to RubyLearning.org

So hurry, registrations have started.

By the end of the course, you can quickly create your own tiny web-applications in Ruby and write lots of small services.


Registrations for this course are now closed.

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