ROR based websites made by Indian companies

As a sequel to my post Indian Ruby on Rails Portfolio, I am compiling a list (in alphabetical order of company names) showcasing ROR based websites made by Indian companies.

I’ll be updating this page from time to time. If you are the owner / developer of such a website(s), then I would appreciate if you would send me by email (satish [dot] talim [at], as much information about the same. Namely:

  1. Name and location of the Indian company making the ROR based websites.
  2. Name and the URL of the ROR based website(s).
  3. 4-5 line details about this website(s) that includes what the site(s) is about.
  4. The year the website(s) was created.
  5. The contact person’s name and email id.

ROR based websites made by Indian companies

Anil Wadghule, Pune

Planet Ruby on Rails is a RSS/Atom feed aggregator. It displays posts of top Ruby on Rails blogs and related technology blogs. The differentiating features are:

  • you can navigate site using keyboard shortcuts like J, K, H, L, S.
  • You can search within the site.
  • You also get an aggregated feed of this site (50+ subscribers of the feed).
  • You can subscribe to the feed and you will get all the posts in a feed without subscribing to individual sites feed.
  • Site’s interface is clean and designed for easier readability.

There are other similar Planet Sites with .com and .org domains. But the main difference is is open source and the code is available at Github. You can contribute to it to make it better.

The first commit was made on 2008-05-25. The site is live from that date. The site was coded by Anil Wadghule and he seeks contributors to it. It will always be free and ad-free.

BubbleIdeas, Delhi

BubbleIdeas helps organizations and leaders figure out most socially engaging ideas from the rest. The tool finds great use for Enterprise 2.0 and Government 2.0 where it is challenging to pull out signal from the noise of conversations happening between customers or citizens. The top most conversations are actionable insights on which management or leaders can take actions. Example:

The site was created in 2010 and the contact person is Arvind Nigam.

Crypsis Technologies, Gurgaon

4moles is Asia’s 1st golfing community and user-generated content website. is a brand subsidary of Goldfish Information Technologies (P) Ltd. Promoted by keen golfer and entrepreneur Dinesh C. Thakur and with friends from the golfing community, the site aspires to be a “One-Stop Shop” for all desires of an Asian golfer. With 15000+ members on in less than 1 year, the growth has just begun. Dinesh Thakur, is a keen golfer and an entrepreneur who has had an opportunity to be part of the IT and Telecom revolution in India in the early 90’s. Dinesh is an alumni of The Scindia School, and a management graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (Pune). He has over 14 years of extensive experience working with teams and setting up Telecom ventures and new business initiatives in the field of Telecom and IT. He brings knowledge and experience from companies like Hutchinson, Bharti Group and Escorts Group.

The site was developed by Crypsis Technologies Gurgaon/HYD and the contact person is Shyam Mohan.

Foradian Technologies, Mangalore

Fedena is the first open source school management system based on Ruby on Rails. It was initially developed by a team of developers at Foradian Technologies. The project was made open source by Foradian, and is now maintained by the open source community. With Fedena, they hope to be able to provide an easy solution to schools and colleges to manage their activities online. Fedena has many different fetures such as student database management, timetable, attendance and examination results management, and also human resources and finance management.

The site was created in 2009. The contact person is Arvind GS.

Unity Peace is a Time Management and Daily planner application for attaining peace.

The contact person is Dr Habeeb Rahman.

HirePlug, Pune

HirePlug is a Social Hiring portal. Their goal is to make hiring fast, effective and fun. Job Boards seriously lack top talent. The same talent is available on the Social Networks and is untapped. The idea revolves around providing a unified platform for Talent Management, Job Board and leveraging social networks for hiring the top talent by means of referral hiring.

The site was created in 2009 and the contact person is Rajan Chandi.

Josh Software Pvt. Ltd., Pune is a Social Venture that brings about collaboration between Social Organizations, People and Service Providers.

This portal has been entirely developed by Josh Software and is hosted on EngineYard AppCloud. This uses nginx, passenger and memcache. It caters to integration with other portals. This is one of the first philanthropic involvements of Josh and its close to their heart! They hope to make a difference in their own way using this as a platform. The site was created in 2010.

ShowMeTV is a gaming site. “A place where your talent pays”. Showme is a spectacular portal where you can submit videos of pranks, sports, fashion and win money! You can win money even by voting.

This is hosted on Rackspace as a 2-node cluster. Videos are encoded to mp4 using and stored on the CloudFiles CDN. The site was created in 2010.

BrandPotion: Along with the domain expertize of H-Farm and Zooppa from Italy, Josh was involved in the complete development of BrandPotion.

Create. Connect. Communicate. The three Cs of BrandPotion lie at the nexus of this site’s functioning. Taking networking beyond the social realm, this initiative is a logical step towards bridging the gap between brands and their users. Welcome to brand networking! The site was created in 2009.

The contact person is Gautam Rege and their ROR development center is in Pune.

Life Online, Pune is a book lending library in Chennai and Hyderabad, incubated and based out of IIT-Madras. Customers can register on the site for free (with their email id) and browse our collection. They can select a membership plan, pay through their internet gateway (or by cash) and order books online. The books are delivered to their house at no extra cost. They also provide recommendations to their users (especially for school kids) and popular lists of award winning books. also has tie-ups with schools in Chennai and employs trained professionals to organize story telling and book reading sessions, alternative endings and various other activities for students.

The site has been designed for a clean and smooth browsing experience with loads of AJAX and ample white spaces to avoid clutter. They plan to introduce a host of other features such as SMS and Gtalk based search and ordering, use of Adobe Flex for a richer browsing experience, multi-lingual support for Indian languages and also a very basic HTML version of the site for slow internet connections.

The contact person is Sahil Gore. The site was created in 2009.

UnitedProsperity, Chennai

UnitedProsperity is a non-profit organization that helps you combat extreme global poverty powerfully by multiplying the impact of your money through loan guarantees. It is the world’s first social guaranteeing website.

The site was created in 2009. The contact person is Bhalchander Vishwanath.

Vinsol, Delhi

Blellow is a San Antonio based bootstrapped start-up. Blellow is a social network for web design and technology professionals that encourages open collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. It is also a marketplace of projects. Blellow is a community with a focus on productivity. It’s a place for freelancers and professionals to collaborate, find work, and solve problems. Blellow is organized into groups based on interests, and anybody can join the conversation. The site was created in 2009.

Lilgrams is a baby book for parents to capture precious moments and share it with their loved ones. The site was created in 2009.

Lovebase (formerly Alarena) is the largest online dating service in Africa that allows you to find your ideal romantic match and connect with them. Lovebase is enhanced with many new features that improves the experience of all their members – search, wink and flirt, chat, see who looked at one’s profile, and many other features are now available. Vinsol provided Ruby on Rails consulting to this site. The site was created in 2010.

Lovetastic is a leading social network in the world for gay men. Vinsol still maintain the site, tweaking features and fixing random things. The site was created in 2008.

ofri is an online marketplace for quotes, target to the niche market of handymen and craftsmen in Switzerland. Users can post their job description for free on, and interested handymen can submit their quotes for the job. Then, the user can compare the received quotes and choose the one he likes. After the job is done, the user can rate the handyman (and vice versa). The business model is transaction based, i.e. if the quote of an handyman was successful, the handyman pays 4% of the corresponding quote amount. First prototype was online on August 2009. The current website and upcoming features are completely developed by Vinsol.

Scrumbuy is UK’s first group shopping portal. Currently targeting London, this portal offer exclusive deals to group of customers while creating new markets and sales channels for local businesses. The site was created in 2009.

The contact person is Manik Juneja.

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