Do YOU want us to continue with the Ruby Challenge for Newbies?

RubyLearning has been conducting the monthly Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies for over a year now and so far 11 challenges have been completed. The 12th Challenge is in progress. All this was possible due to the extensive support we got from Rubyists across the world.

However today, probably due to lack of time or other commitments, not many experienced Rubyists are willing to set a Ruby challenge for the newbies? So, what do we do with the newer challenges? Do we dis-continue with the challenges? Do we change it from monthly to as an when? What are your suggestions?

Newbies, do you find the challenge interesting and useful – what are your thoughts?

In the meantime, are you interested in setting a Ruby challenge for the newbies? If so, do email me at satishtalim [at]

Do post your thoughts and suggestions. I am hopeful that we would be able to continue with the challenges.


11th Aug. Based on the feedback received, I have decided to continue with the Ruby Challenges. However, these challenges may not be monthly but as and when. It’s now up to the Ruby community to help me out with setting the challenges. Let’s do it!

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