Programming Challenge for Newbies in Clojure and Python too?

Programming Challenge for Newbies in Clojure and Python too?

RubyLearning has been conducting the monthly Ruby Programming Challenge for Newbies for over a year now and so far 12 challenges have been completed. The 13th challenge is in progress. All this was possible due to the extensive support we got from Rubyists across the world. Also, you all indicated that we continue with these challenges in the months to come.

Recently, my colleague Dhananjay Nene posted a Python based solution to the 13th Ruby challenge. While discussing the solution it struck me that it would help Clojure and Python Newbies, if we opened up these challenges in these languages too. Dhananjay and some of my Clojure colleagues are interested in evaluating the submitted solutions in Clojure and Python and maybe we could start the challenges from Oct. 2010.

Clojure and Python enthusiasts – interested? What Do you Think? What is Your Opinion? Please share in the comments below.


3rd Sept. Thanks for the very encouraging response. Based on the feedback received so far, we have decided the following:

  • We will start the challenges for Clojure, Python and Ruby from 1st Oct. 2010. We will call these “Programming Challenge for Newbies” and host it on this blog till end Dec. 2010. If the response is encouraging, we can host the challenges on different domains.
  • We will have separate panels to evaluate the solutions. One each for Clojure, Python and Ruby.
  • We will keep separate prizes for the 3 languages (and hopefully would find some sponsors).
  • The challenge problem setters (fixed till Dec. 2010) would be told that the problem should be solvable in all languages and specifically Clojure, Python and Ruby. This means that the problem setter should not set a problem that needs to be solved by some specific language feature.
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