Ruby Gurus to blog on RubyLearning

Ruby Gurus to blog on RubyLearning

RubyLearning is happy to announce that the following Ruby Gurus would be individually writing a guest blog post here starting 20th Sept. 2010. The focus of the blog post would be towards Ruby Newbies. These gurus are:

Grosenbach Sau
Chang Jeff

  • 20th Sept. – Geoffrey Grosenbach, USA – is writing on “How to Learn Ruby (or any programming language)”. “Post footer” sponsorship by 1st Easy Limited.
  • 21st Sept. – Sau Sheong Chang, Singapore – is doing a Rack middleware piece with Sinatra.
  • 22nd Sept. – Jeff Schoolcraft, USA – is going to write a piece on “coding for fun”. Ideas and examples of using/learning Ruby in fun/challenging ways so learning is less of a chore. “Post footer” sponsorship by Blue Box Group.

Blake Julio
Cicchelli David

  • 23rd Sept. – Karmen Blake, USA – Lots of introduction to programming textbooks, university syllabi, courseware are still stuck on giving assignments like hello world, tip calculators, palindrome testers, roll-the-die games, card games, etc. If educational institutions continue to use those assignments why not with a twist!! Use Web APIs interacting with twitter, facebook, github, pivotal tracker, flickr, etc. to help people: Learn to Program.
  • 24th Sept. – Julio Javier Cicchelli, Netherlands – was thinking of guiding the new Rubyists to setup their development environments and guide them on how to face web development (either Rails3, Sinatra, or Padrino), library and tools development. He’s looking forward to provide useful resources and pieces of advice instead of code. “Post footer” sponsorship by Blue Box Group.
  • 27th Sept. – David A. Black, USA – he recently gave a new talk called “The Well-Grounded Nuby” from which he is drawing material for his blog post. “Post footer” sponsorship by Zencoder Inc.

Aimonetti Martin
Sadler Noel

  • 28th Sept. – Matt Aimonetti, USA – is writing about the “Ruby movement”, a parallel between art movements and programming and what makes Ruby special. “Post footer” sponsorship by Sticker Mule.
  • 29th Sept. – Martin Sadler, UK – is writing an article titled: An Introduction to Desktop Apps with Ruby.
  • 30th Sept. – Noel Rappin, USA – is contributing a blog post on testing for newbies.

Loughran Elise
Huard Harold

  • 1st Oct. – Martyn Loughran, UK – is writing something related to EventMachine, an intro.
  • 4th Oct. – Elise Huard, Belgium – she’s writing on Ruby Forensics.
  • 5th Oct. – Harold Gimenez, USA – is writing a post titled: “Introduction to Outside-in Development”. He’ll walk through the process of creating a simple site showing the outside-in bdd cycle.

Quaranto Paolo
Perrotta Fabio

  • 6th Oct. – Nick Quaranto, USA – would like to do some introduction gem tutorials.
  • 7th Oct. – Paolo Perrotta, Italy – is doing a short introduction to method_missing(). “Post footer” sponsorship by
  • 8th Oct. – Fabio Akita, Brazil – is writing about deployment of applications using Inploy.
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