Ruby Programming 25th Batch: To celebrate our 25th batch, you now have an opportunity to enroll for free!

by Satish Talim on June 2, 2011

RubyLearning is in its 6th year and to celebrate its 25th Core Ruby batch, we are offering this seven week course free for 25 participants – this offer is now closed. You can still join by paying the fees as listed below. I am pleased to announce that Steve Klabnik @steveklabnik (Ruby Hero) is the special guest mentor for this batch. To join this course for free, please check the rules below:

  • You can join this batch free by posting as a comment to this blog post your reason(s) for wanting to learn Ruby; why you want to learn Ruby free and why you want to learn Ruby at
  • Ensure that you also mention your full name, country of residence and email id.
  • Do not copy the reasons mentioned by the previous posters.
  • If a select panel at RubyLearning like your reasons, we will enroll you into the batch. The panel may select as many participants as they want, could be less or more than 25. Their decision is final.
  • Selected candidates will be informed by email.
  • You must post your reason(s) before 6 am (India time) Thursday, June 9th. 2011.
  • All others can join by paying the relevant fee as mentioned in the blog post below.

Introducing an intensive, online course for beginners that helps you get started with Ruby programming.

What’s Ruby?


According to – “Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Ruby’s elegant syntax is natural to read and easy to write.”

Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, in an interview says -

I believe people want to express themselves when they program. They don’t want to fight with the language. Programming languages must feel natural to programmers. I tried to make people enjoy programming and concentrate on the fun and creative part of programming when they use Ruby.

What Will I Learn?

In the Ruby programming course, you will learn the essential features of Ruby that you will end up using every day.

Depending on participation levels, we throw a Ruby coding challenge in the mix, appropriate for the level we are at. We have been known to give out a prize or two for the ‘best’ solution.

Who’s It For?

An absolute beginner but with some experience in some other programming language.

You can read what past participants have to say about the course. Click here.


Satish Talim, Michael Kohl, Satoshi Asakawa, Victor Goff III and others from the RubyLearning team.


The course starts on Saturday, 25th June 2011 and runs for seven weeks.

RubyLearning’s IRC Channel

Most of the mentors and students hang out at RubyLearning’s IRC ( channel ( for both technical and non-technical discussions. Everyone benefits with the active discussions on Ruby with the mentors.

How do I register and pay the course fees?

  • The course is based on the The Ultimate Guide to Ruby Programming eBook. This book is normally priced at US$ 19.95 and we are discounting it US$ 10.00 by combining it in the Course+eBook option below.
  • You can pay either by Paypal or send cash via Western Union Money Transfer or by bank transfer (if you are in India). The fees collected helps RubyLearning maintain the site, this Ruby course, the Ruby eBook, and provide quality content to you.
  • Once you pay the fees below, register on the site and send us your name and registered email id while creating an account at to satish [at] rubylearning [dot] com
  • We will enroll you into the course. If you have purchased the eBook at the time of registration, we will personally email you the eBook within 24 hours.

You can pay the Course Fees by selecting your option from the menu below (please select your option).


At the end of this course you should have all the knowledge to explore the wonderful world of Ruby on your own.

Here are some details on how the course works:


Once the course starts, you can login and start with the lessons any day and time and post your queries in the forum under the relevant lessons. Someone shall always be there to answer them. Just to set the expectations correctly, there is no real-time ‘webcasting’.


  • The Mentors shall give you URL’s of pages and sometimes some extra notes; you need to read through. Read the pre-class reading material at a convenient time of your choice – the dates mentioned are just for your guideline. While reading, please make a note of all your doubts, queries, questions, clarifications, comments about the lesson and after you have completed all the pages, post these on the forum under the relevant lesson. There could be some questions that relate to something that has not been mentioned or discussed by the mentors thus far; you could post the same too. Please remember that with every post, do mention the operating system of your computer.
  • The mentor shall highlight the important points that you need to remember for that day’s session.
  • There could be exercises every day. Please do them.
  • Participate in the forum for asking and answering questions or starting discussions. Share knowledge, and exchange ideas among yourselves during the course period. Participants are strongly encouraged to post technical questions, interesting articles, tools, sample programs or anything that is relevant to the class / lesson. Please do not post a simple "Thank you" note or "Hello" message to the forum. Please be aware that these messages are considered noises by people subscribed to the forum.

Outline of Work Expectations:

  1. Most of the days, you will have exercises to solve. These are there to help you assimilate whatever you have learned till then.
  2. Some days may have some extra assignments / food for thought articles / programs
  3. Above all, do take part in the relevant forums. Past participants will confirm that they learned the best by active participation.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

  • Qs. Is there any specific time when I need to be online?
    Ans. No. You need not be online at a specific time of the day.
  • Qs. Is it important for me to take part in the course forums?
    Ans. YES. You must Participate in the forum(s) for asking and answering questions or starting discussions. Share knowledge, and exchange ideas among yourselves (participants) during the course period. Participants are strongly encouraged to post technical questions, interesting articles, tools, sample programs or anything that is relevant to the class / lesson. Past participants will confirm that they learned the best by active participation.
  • Qs. How much time do I need to spend online for a course, in a day?
    Ans. This will vary from person to person. All depends upon your comfort level and the amount of time you want to spend on a particular lesson or task.
  • Qs. Is there any specific set time for feedback (e.g., any mentor responds to me within 24 hours?)
    Ans. Normally somebody should answer your query / question within 24 hours.
  • Qs. What happens if nobody answers my questions / queries?
    Ans. Normally, that will not happen. In case you feel that your question / query is not answered, then please post the same in the thread – “Any UnAnswered Questions / Queries”.
  • Qs. What happens to the class (or forums) after a course is over? Can you keep it open for a few more days so that students can complete and discuss too?
    Ans. The course and its forum is open for a month after the last day of the course.

Remember, the idea is to have fun learning Ruby.

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Posted by Satish Talim

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Todd June 2, 2011 at 6:07 pm

I’ve worked on a several ruby projects briefly and would love some formal training in order to hone my skill set.


Michelle Constantino June 2, 2011 at 6:09 pm

I want to learn Ruby to expand my knowledge in Programming as a Computer Science student. It would also help me with my projects and other programming activities. I want to learn it for free because I want to share it to as many people as possible without asking for anything in return and at the same time, I don’t have the money to enroll in this course because I’m still a student who wants to expand her credentials. I want to learn through because it provides excellent access even to new programmers.

I’m from the Philippines.


Ronald Hughes June 2, 2011 at 6:25 pm

I want to learn Ruby because its a goal of mine to be able to create software that benefits everyone. My grand dad was computer programmer and i’d really like to follow in his foot steps and become one as well. I am currently enrolled in college taking up Network Administration and Security. Software is the center piece of everything and i know by learning Ruby i can be a part of the creation of some great software. I want to learn for free because honestly i cant afford it with my bills, it’ll be tough. I want to learn through rubylearning because i know i’ll get the best possible lessons and help from you guys. Thanks.



Leonardo Daniel Tavares da Silva June 2, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Everybody says Ruby is beaultiful. And fast. So, I really want to learn this technology and create beaultiful, fast and wonderful things with it. The Ruby community here in Brazil is one of the most active and I want to be part of it, helping others to get involved with this platform.


Sergey Aldosev June 2, 2011 at 6:35 pm

I want to learn Ruby, because as a QA Engineer i need to write automated tests in order to do my job better and ensure quality of product i’m working on. And Ruby seems to be the perfect language for my tasks.

Thanks for this opportunity.



Figo Chen June 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I want to learn Ruby because I’m currently doing a project in Uni using Ruby on Rails, and I felt myself lack of knowledge of ruby language and I really want to make it up. Not just because the project that needs to be done using ruby on rails, also because I like web development, and after I’ve looked into ruby, I feel that ruby is cool compare to JAVA and C# and I really interested in learning it in depth. So I’m looking forward to join the course.


Paul Beattie June 2, 2011 at 7:27 pm

I have wanted to learn Ruby for some time, my friend who is an excellent Ruby programmer has told me for years that I need to learn it and I have been slow at picking it up or get lost while learning.

I’d love to start learning Ruby and I think your course is the right way to do it.


Kevin Mack June 2, 2011 at 7:43 pm

I live in Columbus, Ohio and have been developing and designing website my entire professional career. I have started learning basic Ruby on my own but I would love to have a formal training and get set in the correct path. I love everything I have read and learned so far about Ruby. Some of my friends are currently using Ruby on project and it makes me jealous that I am not at their level yet. I want to take this class to learn ruby the right way and to be able to have fun and work on Ruby projects with my friends.

I hope I get selected for this opportunity, THANK YOU!


Jaykumar Bhandari June 2, 2011 at 7:49 pm

Ruby is the need of the hour! Learning Ruby will add another feather in my skill set. Looking forward for it!


Dominik ?y?a June 2, 2011 at 7:53 pm

I’m working as sysadmin for full time. I’ve got no time to learn Ruby at home. I’m using Perl for doing my daily tasks and I’m extremely desperate to learn Ruby to substitute it.

Although as long as I test some Ruby stuff using irb it looked very easy and logic.

I want to learn by your course because I saw lot of possitive opinions about it. I started to learn using Peter Coopers `Begining Ruby’ and I need to take some practical excercices with it.

I’m from Poland and there is quite small Ruby community. I would like to join it and propagate Ruby language for my clients and friends.


Eric Reid June 2, 2011 at 8:50 pm

If you want to program for the Web, you need to know Ruby and Rails… the sheer volume of this programming wave means it cannot be ignored. Even ‘old dogs’ like myself have sat up and taken notice. I’d love to take this class!!


Prakruth B June 2, 2011 at 9:00 pm

I have been a Java / JEE Developer from India for most part of 8 years of my professional life.

I have been intending to learn Ruby since quite sometime now, considering I learnt Groovy and Scala, I wanted to give Ruby a shot to understand the awesomeness of Ruby, the benchmark language for all such languages. Recent RubyConfIndia was absolutely awesome. I want to start my baby steps in Ruby with Hopefully I will get selected and will continue learning Ruby so that I can improve my productivity FTW.


Andrea June 2, 2011 at 9:34 pm

I want to learn Ruby because I really like the Rails framework and although I have already begun learning Ruby on my own, formal training would be helpful. I am also interested in ROR because I like the idea of being able to alter my environment as I go. I want to learn for free because I can’t afford to pay a lot, and I would like to learn at because of the accessibility and flexibility of the training.


Julie Yee June 2, 2011 at 10:19 pm

I am tired of just editing other peoples Ruby scripts at work and I would love to build some of my own. We use Ruby to automate testing and I would like to further my skills in this area. Also, it appears that you need some female participants in this batch to liven things up!


Pierr June 2, 2011 at 10:22 pm

I watt to learn ruby In ordre to have a better understanding of rails.


Michael Heinrich June 2, 2011 at 10:24 pm

Congratulations on your 6th year and the 25th batch!

As a Software Test Engineer, I am currently in a position that uses Ruby/JRuby and the Cucumber test framework to do acceptance testing. I would like to learn more about the interaction between Ruby and test frameworks so that I may grow in my position and assist my company in ensuring a quality product.

Thank you!


Alper June 3, 2011 at 1:31 am

I am a .NET developer and would like to learn Ruby to implement my startup idea using rails.


Robert June 3, 2011 at 1:49 am

I’d like to take the course because I feel I’ve become a bit lethargic towards programming lately. My job only allows me to code in Classic ASP which is about as fun as root canal. I’m ready to learn a new language and I feel your course would be a perfect fit.


Lucas Henrique Gomes June 3, 2011 at 2:20 am

By working with development for the past 5 years in Brazil, I’ve learned a lot of interesting stuff in Scala, Java, .NET and other languages, and this improved my skills in many ways as a developer.

Currently I work in a lot of side projects, just for fun, and Ruby was recommended by one friend to solve one of my big problems by doing it at home after my normal working hours: lack of time!

I want to learn ruby to improve my time on my side projects and, if it’s such a envolving and nice language to work with as it’s has been said to me, introduce Ruby in my actual company to add more knowleadge and language diversification for all programmers I work with.


Cleonildo Nunes June 3, 2011 at 2:59 am

I am student and passionate about web, especially Ruby.


Karen Askins June 3, 2011 at 3:51 am

I’d like to learn Ruby to enable me to rejoin the workforce with skills that are current. I have been a programmer for 23 years using mainly Progress. I had to take maternity leave and rejoining the workforce is difficult without a language that is more up to date than what I had been using. I’d love to do this via as I’ve been following their posts via Facebook and they always seem so dynamic and fresh in their approach to learning. Learning it for free, needless to say, would be great in my current situation.


Diallo Halimatou June 3, 2011 at 4:03 am

I would love to learn the Ruby Language in details. I have started using Rails almost q month ago , and I woud take huge benefits from learning Ruby Language.
The way your doing the lessons is very flexible and I would love be a part of the next session.
Halimatou (


Jeff L. June 3, 2011 at 6:27 am

I want to learn Ruby because I just finished school for database management and I’m having withdrawal! I just enjoy learning new things and this would be a great opportunity.


Kaushik Thirthappa June 3, 2011 at 8:16 am

I’ve been hearing about Ruby since some time now. I live in Pune, India. One of the few places where the Ruby community has low strength. I’ve seen people in this community develop some very awesome applications. I’ve tried learning java. But somehow, it’s complexity has not gotten me very interested and i could not really akin myself to it. On the plus side, I’ve been asked by my college faculty to come in and organise some events which would encourage others to learn and expand through Ruby. It’s very important because in here the student has to learn the languages and code on their own. On top of it, I’ve not come across any classes online or in Pune that would enhance my knowledge in ruby. I’ve been a big fan of the open source community as well, I’ve been using Linux for a long long time now. Also, the cost of the program would be expensive for a student like me. I
Follow Mr.Satish Talim on twitter and his thoughts on ruby and the rubyconferences really has gotten me excited.


Satish Talim June 3, 2011 at 3:01 pm

Kaushik, the Ruby community in Pune is quite strong. I hope you are a member of the Pune Rails Meetup and the India Ruby Consortium.


Kaushik June 3, 2011 at 4:30 pm

Thanks for the India Ruby Consortium. I’m a part of Pune rails meetup. The work that they do is fascinating and inspiring.


Praveen June 3, 2011 at 8:22 am

Hi, I run, which is built on Rails, I want to learn Ruby, to get in depth understanding of Ruby, So that I can add new features and improve the community of 1000+ software testers.
Praveen Singh


Houston Barnett-Gearhart June 3, 2011 at 10:28 am

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Houston Barnett-Gearhart. I’m a 19-year-old soon-to-be Junior at Arizona State University, with plans on majoring in Business and Social and Behavioral Sciences. I currently work for an Internet marketing company as a copywriter.

The reason why I want to learn Ruby for free is not because I am looking for a hand out, but because right now money is tight, tied up in paying for my apartment, school, and life’s necessities. Additionally, my ultimate goal is to run my own Internet marketing company, and to do so adequately and efficiently, I need to know the ins and outs of the business; not only what happens on the front-end, but on the back-end as well. Plus, I learn better when I have someone to direct my studies, keep me to a deadline, and open themselves up for questions whenever I need help.

That being said, I know that a lot of websites nowadays have a Ruby on Rails infrastructure. Although, I’ll most likely delegate the creation of sites to dedicated programmers in my hopeful business, I want to know what they’re doing exactly and be able to throw my 2¢ in during the developmental stage of not only websites, but all applicable software, as well.

Moreover, I want to learn Ruby at because every time I query Google for info on some Ruby-related problems, or peruse technology oriented sites like TechCrunch or the Hacker News section of YCombinator, I see pop up a lot, which to me says that it is a very good resource for learning the language.

If I am granted free access to the Ruby course, I will be able to start on my way towards another personal goal of mine: to get certified by Prometric as a Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer.

Thanks for this chance,
Houston Barnett-Gearhart
United States of America


Phil Aquilina June 3, 2011 at 11:18 am

I’m a new programmer from SF, California. I’ve been slowly learning Ruby for the last 3 months by going to a weekly “course” offered by a local hackerspace. This has been a great experience but it’s more a discussion than a formal class.

I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer but I’ve always loved computers. I’ve always kind of known how to do basic programming because of this but now I want to change my career path entirely. My current job is boring and uncreative. Ruby is my daily escape after work, and I’m loving it so far. Nothing allows me to be so creative in a medium that I love such as Ruby does.

The Ruby community has been great to me so far (such as the fine folks of my local hackerspace) and I’d really like to get to the point where I can participate and collaborate at a higher level on projects with other members. I feel for this reason and those listed above, the course you’re offering would be a great opportunity.



Kevin Flick June 3, 2011 at 11:24 am

I’m an HCI/d student at Indiana University, and am learning Ruby on Rails this summer so that I can improve as a developer. I want formal training in Ruby on Rails because I believe it’s a wonderful platform for creating web applications.


Pradeep S June 3, 2011 at 1:30 pm

Im kernel programmer for the past 4 years and I want to learn a new language which will help me to develop testing frameworks. Hopefully learning Ruby will help to do so.


Neha SInha June 3, 2011 at 2:14 pm

Im new to Ruby. Im from mainframes background and looking forward to learn Ruby to expand my skills set.
I believe the practice of ‘Learn by doing’ will help me a lot, with the mentors always there to resolve silly queries. Having enrolled for a masters program, learning Ruby for free will help me.
I have read the student reviews and am motivated to enroll for the course at

Neha Sinha


craig June 3, 2011 at 2:44 pm

I’ve jumped into a couple of Ruby on Rails projects over the last 3 months and during this time I’ve had to pickup Ruby along the way (coming from Java/Python). I know the basics but I know there’s much more to learn which is why I’d like to take the course.

I’d like to take the course for free via rubylearning b/c I’ve heard/read other people say good things about, so it seems it would be worthwhile.

I live in the U.S.


Manmohan Menon June 3, 2011 at 6:18 pm

Since last august i have been working in web app through rails, the things is that i didn’t get a training on ruby from the company cuz they started the a week before my scheduled arrival….i came to Hyderabad especially for that training still had the bad luck of not attending it…so i started learning it through pdf’s. Now i have joined new company(same framework), i know am at most between a beginner to intermediate level, but i want to really be polished in this field and learn more and be somewhere in the pro level, if this thing clicks then it will help me to sharpen my skills ! would love to attend this class.


Andrea Cardinale June 4, 2011 at 1:48 am

I’ve learnt some basic ruby through some rails tutorial and I’ve found it amazing. I’d like to learn it properly and get an extensive knowledge of it to eventually become a full time ruby/rails developer and quit my job as OT consultant (something I don’t really like). Learning it on through a professional training and for free would be a great step forward in this direction and could really make a difference. Anyway I’m from Italy and that’s why my English can sound weird some times ;)


Ron Green June 4, 2011 at 10:28 am

I am disabled and no longer able to drive. Therefore I live on disability which means I don’t have a lot of money. My hope is to one day return to work as Ruby programmer.

Thank you for considering me.


Erik Dasbach June 5, 2011 at 2:32 am

Erik Dasbach
United States

I would like to learn Ruby in order to improve my programming skills by learning object oriented programming design. I am a relic from the 80′s at which time I learned to program all via procedural based design approaches using Pascal, Fortran, and C. Everything I have read on Ruby suggests that this is a great environment from which to learn object oriented programming and now is a good time for me to get into the modern era.

I would like to learn from because of the professional networking opportunities. In particular, I am keen on establishing collaborations with programming professionals in India and other places around the world I could work with in developing simulation models in the healthcare field based on Ruby. I think there is a great opportunity to bridge object oriented programming into the simulation models I develop for evaluating healthcare technologies.


Bill Hanbury June 5, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Bill Hanbury
United States

I have been using Watir (a Ruby Gem) for web site automation testing and would like to learn Ruby in order to get a better understanding of how Watir works so that I can improve on the test framework I am using. Learning via seems like an exciting way to learn Ruby, learning on-line for schedule flexibility but in a structured environment, and learning from people that seem to have a passion for the language. Learning for free is a plus.


Wolfgang Hershey June 6, 2011 at 12:48 am

I am a visual artist,
who has come to see many of the limitations of the prebuilt software tools.
I live and work in a community of people who use computers in an intense way everyday to make the visuals and the visualizations of the art we produce.
Yet few of us understand the process by which the tools we use have been made.

In my personal work there is a need to be able to link and alter preexisting software;
the need to be able to access APIs and frameworks;
and the need for some basic new functionality.
Ruby seems to offer one of the best platforms for this sort of midlevel (glue) functionality.

My programming skills go back to the days of BASIC, and have withered away since then forcing me to have become some sort of “script kiddie”. My wish is to begin the process of returning to be a programmer and not a measly “cut and past”er of other peoples code….

Further Ruby seems to embody much of the elegance that is needed to be able to jump from an artistic concept (often one shared between collaborators) to the physical implementation.

Art as a form of communication has been slow to understand the importance of the process of abstraction that is inside of any and all computer programs. As artists we collectively have forgotten how to make our own tools.

This I feel must change.

My hope is that by learning Ruby I can start to pass many of these concepts back to my community of artists and makers.

thank you for your time

Wolfgang Hershey


Prashanth June 6, 2011 at 2:35 pm

I have been following Rubylearning and Satish for couple of years now and love the way the program has evolved as I had enrolled earlier and had a glimpse of the same . Also I have started learning ruby from other sources in the internet but would love to be part of this so as to learn it from the great set of mentors and to be able to do it interactively with other students rather than by myself as I have serious motivation issues :)


stefan walter June 7, 2011 at 2:04 am

i just know html, css and some basic php. being about to graduate as a media management BBA with the ambition to build my own internet start up and having several promissing business ideas on paper already, this basic knowledge unfortunately puts me in the “numbers guy” corner.

long story short: right now i can´t build anything advanced without 3rd party help. and even if i manage to find somebody who is willing to get into business with me (most likely without initial payment!) just based on an idea stuck in my head, i would not even be able to determine the quality of his work.

to overcome this dilemma and finding ruby much more appealing than php (amongst others) i started following the tutsplus “ruby for newbies” tutorials some days ago. and being pretty happy with andrew burgess´ work and flipping through this blog for a while i trust him in recommending your courses.

so if by any chance you´ll find a free spot in your program, i would love to join!

best wishes from rainy berlin / germany


Helen Ehin June 7, 2011 at 2:30 am

Hello, I’m from Ukraine, Simferopol.
I’m a newbie in Ruby. But I like it very much. For last month Ruby has become not only the programming language, but lifestyle for me.
After my work in library I came home and try to do some programs. I think that Ruby is a good polygon for the creativity. I like to create something new and interesting and think that Ruby would be a good helper for me :)


Shane Farrar June 7, 2011 at 1:28 pm

I would like to enroll on a course here at because:

1. I have always been interested in programming but have never taken it beyond a few textbooks. I would like to deepen my understanding of programming, specifically in the Ruby language as it is the language I most enjoy. I have heard good things about and would love to be apart of the community here. Independent study can be a powerful thing, but It is always better to diversify one’s learning strategies. I believe will make for a perfect ice breaker between me and a the ruby community. A place where I can assess goals and take on projects with cooperation from others can make for a positive impact on my learning experience.
2. In the future I would like to be able to apply my ruby skills toward open source projects, specifically in the realm of Bitcoins. I would like to combine my interests in programing and economics to provide a service to my favorite online communities, which I believe will be lots of fun while making a positive impact on others and their ideas. Ruby is cross platform, a condition best for growing long lasting projects with long lasting effects on communities, members, and more importantly: Users.
3. I want to learn Ruby for free because I work part time as a cashier, and money can be tight at times. Learning materials have often been the major deterrent in following my passion for programing. (Passion for a classical art you ask? Well the classical is merely the purest form of romance… I can be an English nerd too :) )

Further information:
Shane Allen Farrar
Savannah, Georgia
United States

Thank you for reading my application.


Nikhil Krishna June 7, 2011 at 3:43 pm

I am a long time developer who is currently working on Rails projects from Trivandrum Kerala. I haven’t worked on Ruby seriously before December last year and frankly used to think of it as basically a clone of Python.
I attended Ruby Conf. India 2011 and got a taste of the culture and energy the Ruby community which I feel is one of the most passionate and pragmatic technical communities I have come across.
I really feel that I am at the edge of a very deep pool here and I want to really dive deep and learn why Ruby is the go-to language for so many of the people I respect. I am looking to you guys to teach me how to dive into this pool without drowning :-)


Chetan June 7, 2011 at 7:19 pm

What is the modus operandi? how this course will be delivered?
need details.


Satish Talim June 7, 2011 at 8:00 pm

There are some details on how the course works, at the end of this blog post. Some more information is available here.


Vijay.N June 7, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Am a BTech student,Learning programming languages is a passion for me.I just want to know new stuffs experiment with it and attain something.


Rick Racela June 8, 2011 at 6:24 pm

I currently only develop in Drupal. Long story short, I feel like I am missing essential skills to become a better programmer because I know the Drupal framework so well, PHP and MySQL are almost a side note. Drupal is good at making you feel like a developer without little to none programming skills. From what I’ve read about Ruby so far, the language looks far more elegant and makes PHP look ugly. My goal now is to learn ruby. Thank you.


Singkorn Dhepyasuvan June 8, 2011 at 9:00 pm

I want to learn Ruby because I want to create a software or a web site as a product from my ideas and hope that some days it might become a start-up. My background is computer science but I haven’t been programming much. Currently, I’m working as a product manager and my product is an application providing real-time analytics in the financial market.

I would like to use my spare time to create my own product by Ruby. I had a hit on Ruby because the language is beautiful and feel closer to human, and the creator of Ruby has also mentioned that he wanted the language to be transparent. Programmer is like an artist, he/she should be focusing on creating a great piece of art and not worry about the brush and tools. Thank you.

Singkorn Dhepyasuvan
Bangkok, Thailand


Alok Anand June 8, 2011 at 9:55 pm

I am a ruby programmer, and want to become a Rubyist, and I would like to do this under the guidance of Satish Talim.


Manimaran Malaichamy June 8, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Learning Ruby is fun.. that is what i come across and started reading books… but i didn’t find a way of how to apply it professionally and practically in applications… I just searching for online courses and i plan to join by May 24th class.. i missed the date and i suppose to join it at least by today so that i can continue with that course…and i surprised about the 25th batch startup and its offer… and i plan to just give a try… And also i am very happy to heard that Steve Klabnik @steveklabnik (Ruby Hero) will be a special mentor for this session. I want to be part of this ruby group which will help to enhance the Ruby knowledge.


Bijendra kumar singh June 8, 2011 at 10:33 pm

It feels to be good to be a part of ROR rather what i say is ruby on revolution.I would love a firm base again to run in the fast expansion phase of rails.A bit to byte ,it never counts what matters is the spirit to go into the levels of it.Initiated with a .net programmer now deep in ruby and running on the tracks(rails).Rails provides the best framework so would like to explore the best options.


Sundari Shree Gunasekaran June 9, 2011 at 12:16 am

Reasons I want to learn Ruby –

Being an old hand at Java a certain approach to problem solving is hardwired in my brain. I want to change and enrich my approach with newer and unconventional ways.

With multiple programming language skills under my belt, I believe I can design better systems and create more elegant code.

I need to challenge myself and I’ll admit that learning a new language after a very long time is quite a challenge, at least for me.

I would be a fool to let go off this golden opportunity when I can get world class training from the best in the field for almost free.


Sundari Shree Gunasekaran


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