Rubyists and Companies I am thankful for in 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, I would like to thank the following awesome people and companies.

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  • Special mention: Yukihiro Matsumoto for inventing the Ruby programming language (I finally had the honor of meeting Matz in person in Singapore this year), Fabio Akita for his constant encouragement and positive support for RubyLearning, Jim Pryke who maintained all my sites on SliceHost, Michael Kohl who is a mentor at RubyLearning, Satoshi Asakawa who teaches the Ruby Shoes and Metaprogramming courses on RubyLearning, Victor Goff who teaches the Ruby programming course on RubyLearning and now maintains all my sites on SliceHost, Gautam Rege and Sethupathi Asokan of Josh Software Pvt. Ltd..
  • Individuals: Al Snow, Aldric Giacomoni, Alexander Klink, Allen Wei, Antonio Cangiano, Avdi Grimm, Colin Casey, Dmytrii Nagirniak, Evan Light, Gernot Kogler, Gonçalo Silva, Ian Dees, Imhotep Albasiel, Jake Benilov, James M. Schorr, Jeremy Peterson, John Crepezzi, Laura Hayes, Manuel Korfmann, Mark Simoneau, Matthew Lucas, Michael Hartl, Milan Dobrota, Mohnish Jadwani, Oto Brglez, Paolo Perrotta, Phillip Gawlowski, Ralph von der Heyden, Rene Scheibe, Ricardo Astorquia, Richard Bos, Rimpy Jangra, Robin Gowin, Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas, Samnang Chhun, Sandra Randall (Butler), Sarah Young, Sau Sheong Chang, Staffan Nöteberg, Steve Klabnik, Timon Vonk, Todd Huss, Vince Vincent, Willian Molinari, Zachary S. Scott, Zhang Hailong.
  • Companies:, Blue Star Infotech Limited, Digital Learning, GitHub, Google, Heroku, MongoHQ, MongoLab, O’Reilly Media,
  • Marsee Henon, Heather Fox and Travis Peterson who make all the Ruby-related books available to RubyLearning.
  • And last but not the least, I want to thank my family and friends, all the RubyLearning participants at the various courses, all the Facebook and LinkedIn fans, all those who have purchased RubyLearning’s eBooks and all that have subscribed to this blog, followed my tweets and encouraged me with their comments and feedback. Please keep them coming.

Note: In case I have missed out on someone, then I am completely responsible!

Who are you thankful for?

Who in the Ruby community are you thankful for this year? Why not drop a comment here and send a tweet to let them know?

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