RubyLearning Tutorial Translated To Arabic

Ali Osm is young Libyan programmer, and started programming in 2011.

In 2014 he saw the Ruby programming language and liked it, and so he decided to create the site and he hopes to help Ruby language to become popular in the Arabic programmers community. Here is Ali Osm telling us about what is going on.


On 6 March 2015 we started the site, which explains the Ruby programming language which is translated from after having talked Mr. Satish Talim.

This site includes most of the lessons on the site in Arabic with the additional feature of using ‘tryruby’ on the site so that you can run Ruby in your browser without installing on your own operating system. is the first site which explains Ruby language in detail in Arabic. In addition to that it is the first Arab site that hosts a Ruby compiler in Arabic content.

The team is working on the site and they are doing their best to improve it to be a social platform which enables Arab Ruby programmers specifically and the Arab programmers in general to communicate and exchange experience.

You can let Ali Osm know what you think below or in e-mail.

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