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Advertising / Sponsorship accepts advertising enquiries, although we like to handle advertising delicately to keep up a high standard. Contact Satish Talim at satish [at] rubylearning [dot] org to discuss.

125×125 Banner ad opportunities (that appear on all pages of the blog) are available at US\$ 100 on a monthly basis, or slightly less on a more regular basis, dependent on availability and commitment. If you wish to support in a more indirect way (as a way of saying “thanks”), please buy a copy of the Ruby Study Notes and / or the Guide to JRuby for yourself or to give to someone else who might like to learn how to program.

Post footer” sponsorships are also available at US\$ 40 each (or less in bulk) on the RubyLearning blog. This gets your message into the footer of a post, and it’ll stay on that post for the long-term. The added advantage of this technique is that all feed subscribers will see the message in the post, so it’s a great way to target regular subscribers.

For statistical data and/or any questions you may have, please contact me at satish [at] rubylearning [dot] org.

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