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Rails Summit Latin America 2009

Rails Summit Latin America

Back in 2005 there was virtually no Ruby community in Brazil. David Hansson himself was there, at the FISL conference, showcasing a pre-1.0 Rails (which later became the famous 15-min blog screencast). Only 3 years later the community grew

How can YOU take YOUR Ruby to the next level?

Today I will show you how to take YOUR Ruby to the next level, quick and easy. Join the brand new RubyLearning’s Online Intermediate Ruby Course (POIRPC101-1I) which will bridge the gap from learning basic or core Ruby, by providing what it takes to use some of the more advanced Ruby Libraries (Core, standard, and additional) and providing the technical skill to apply Ruby in our soon to be announced Advanced Ruby Course (which will cover such topics as: meta-programming, design patterns and best practices (OOD, TDD, BDD)).

Thanks to RubyLearning Sponsor FiveRuns

It’s time to thank RubyLearning’s excellent sponsors! FiveRuns is a provider of Rails application (and server) monitoring services. I am including any news or developments the sponsor has had during July 2008. Two things worth mentioning here are: They recently introduced DataFabric – a gem they wrote to help with ActiveRecord. One of the lingering issues they have had to deal with over the last year in the Manage service was ActiveRecord’s reluctance to talk to more than one database.

Ruby Study Notes Book

The Ruby Study Notes eBook has been downloaded over 14500 times. For a long time there was a constant request of creating the Ruby Study Notes in print form and finally with the help of, I did it! With 1000s of participants at the Free Online Ruby Programming Course, many being from countries where the internet is painfully slow or those who do not have a continuous access to the internet; a printed book is always convenient.

Rails TakeFive Interview

It was fun being interviewed by FiveRuns Blog. FiveRuns exists for the express purpose of delivering affordable and radically simplified tools for monitoring applications and their supporting infrastructure with a focus on Ruby on Rails. Every Friday, FiveRuns interviews Ruby/Rails enthusiasts and it was an honor to be amongst luminaries such as Chad Fowler, Peter Cooper, Pat Eyler to name a few. Technorati Tags: FiveRuns, Rails Interview, Rails, Ruby

Ruby Turns 15 on 24th Feb.

Kathryn Barrett reports that this month marks Ruby’s 15th birthday. Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto–creator of Ruby confirmed that Ruby was conceptualized and named on Feb. 24, 1993. Mark your calendars. While this doesn’t yet qualify Ruby as an old-timer among programming languages, it’s a good indication that it’s here to stay and probably doesn’t deserve to be called a newcomer any more. Technorati Tags: Ruby programming, Ruby Turns 15 on 24th Feb.

University of Pune: Ruby Programming

With the growing popularity of the Ruby Programming language in India, the University of Pune proposes to introduce Ruby Programming as part of the Masters in Computer Management (MCM) post-graduate course, from June 2008. The University has uploaded the new syllabus on the web so that students, members of the public and experts may post their comments. Technorati Tags: MCM, Ruby programming, University of Pune, University of Pune: Ruby Programming

Third edition of "Programming Ruby" now in beta

Dave Thomas just announced that the Third Edition of the PickAxe has just entered beta. Each edition of the book tracks the latest Ruby release, and each is the definitive reference to Ruby. This third edition maintains that tradition, and has been updated to reflect the new features of Ruby 1.9.

Ruby Usage Trend in Indian Cities

The site has been active for some time now and the users of my site are normally people learning the Ruby programming language.

Rails Hosting In India

I have been asked time and again about ‘Rails Hosting In India‘ and thought it best that I list down the Rails Hosts that I have heard of, in India.


The Pune GNU/Linux Users Group have announced ‘PLUG MASHUP‘, a technology event which includes a Hack-a-thon and a mashup camp to be held on October 13th and 14th, 2007 at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan, Pune, India. The Hack-a-thon will bring together many developers and contributors. It will aim to generate some serious code during the event, in order to help grow the pool of FOSS contributors in India.

Survserv: Rails based Real Time Outbreak Detection System


RubyLearning caught up with Arindam Basu and requested him to brief us about Survserv, a Rails based real time outbreak detection system (still in Beta).

The Ruby Logo Contest

The Ruby Association has announced ‘The Ruby Logo Contest‘. An official Ruby logo is needed to promote Ruby, and therefore a contest to select one. Forum

You demanded it. You have it! The Forum is up and running. (No longer in this form) You have sub-forums related to many topics such Ruby Certification, Book Reviews, Events, Jobs amongst others. Register and frequent the forums. Technorati Tags:, Forum

University of Virginia using

Pete Yadlowsky at the University of Virginia is teaching a short course in Ruby to some of his co-workers. The class meets 2 hours once/week for six weeks. It presently meets on Tuesdays, and so he calls it “Ruby Tuesdays” (a humorous allusion to the famous Rolling Stones song and to a restaurant chain). He was looking for good teaching materials and found, among others. Thanks Pete and all the best for the “Ruby Tuesdays.” Update:\ The University of Washington extension center is offering a Ruby Programming Certificate Program.

JRuby Inside

Peter Cooper has done it again! Peter has just launched JRuby Inside a new “sister” site to his very popular Ruby Inside. JRuby Inside focuses just on JRuby.

Brainwave DevNet Conference, Hyderabad

The Brainwave DevNet Conference is being held at Hyderabad, India on 27th July 2007. At this conference, Brainwave would be releasing the commercial version of their product ‘The Brainwave Platform’ – an end to end enterprise application development and deployment solution stack, that strives to reduce development time, cost and frees you from hassles of incorporating any new business process. Registration is free and everyone’s invited. Technorati Tags: Brainwave, Brainwave

Ruby Study Notes in Italian?

This time around it is not good news or is it? Through some contacts I came to know that an Italian IT journalist has been copying my Ruby Study Notes and publishing it in the journalist’s own name in an Italian online journal – and without providing any copyright information. My initial reaction was one of anger and I shot off an email to the journalist. The email id was fake and naturally the email bounced back.

Ruby Study Notes in French

It’s an honor for me as Richard Piacentini and Mathieu Fosse have agreed to translate my Ruby Study Notes in French. Richard Piacentini is a French Rails enthusiast and evangelist. He and his friend Laurent Julliard did the French Adaption of the book “Agile Web Development with Rails.” He is the creator of He is currently busy organizing the Paris on Rails 2007 conference. Mathieu Fosse is also a French Rails enthusiast. Applications in Indian Languages

Siddharth Karandikar a PuneRuby member and some of his friends are hard at work in creating – a suit of applications in Indian languages. I asked Siddharth to share some of his experiences with us.

ThinkDRY Interview

Vincent Spehner heads the company ThinkDRY, based in Pune. Recently, I had a chance to talk to him and requested him to share some of his experiences. Here goes. Interview

Nag. B is the brain behind simplifies the establishment of startups through a collaborative approach that is a win-win situation to all the involved members. I’ve invited Nag to share some of his experiences in this interview.

ColourCode in Ruby

ColourCode is a syntax highlighter. It can read in a source file and generate a syntax-highlighted version in various formats. ColourCode is written in Ruby and licensed under the GNU GPL Version 2. The author, Nikhil Marathe is based in Mumbai and is in the 12th grade. It is really encouraging to find someone so young and in India, putting his Ruby knowledge to good use. All the best Nikhil.

Interview: Shashank Date


(This interview appeared before on 28th Aug. 2006 on the PuneRuby blog).

Today we talk to our own Ruby Guru, Shashank Date.

Satish Talim>> Hello Shashank, and welcome to PuneRuby. Could you tell us something about yourself – your background; where you are based…?

Interview: Phil Tomson

(This interview appeared before on 18th Aug. 2006 on the PuneRuby blog).

Today, we shall be talking to another Ruby Guru – Phil Tomson.

Interview: Peat Bakke

(This interview appeared before on 17th Aug. 2006 on the PuneRuby blog).

There is a lot to learn from experienced Ruby developers and in our continuing series of talking to such Ruby enthusiasts from around the world, Satish Talim today talks to Peat Bakke.

Ruby: Thrift

Jeremy Durham’s blog talks about an open source software framework for scalable cross-language services development, named Thrift. It combines a powerful software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work efficiently and seamlessly between C++, Java, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Thrift was developed at Facebook. Have a look. Technorati Tags: Thrift

Beginning Ruby

The book, Beginning Ruby is a complete beginner’s guide to Ruby and ideal for both people who’ve not programmed before or those who’ve done a little programming but don’t understand the finer details (such as OOP, dynamic languages, or scripting).

Ruby and Rails News

Some interesting news and articles that I thought worth mentioning:

Ruby Snips

Write Ruby code faster with ED for Windows

ED4W is a full featured Programmer’s Editor/IDE with support

Ruby, Rails Survey

Saw this on Ruby-Talk – CodeGear (the Borland spin-off) has a survey open on Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

WarmlyYours Interview

Christian Billen is the Chief Information Officer, IT Department at WarmlyYours. Recently, I had a chance to talk to him and requested him to share some of his experiences. Here goes. Could you tell us something about yourself – your background, where you are based? I was born in Belgium. My father was a programmer and I have self thought myself IT from an early age, even though I was forbidden around the computers of the house (but that’s what makes it fun).

Ruby Video Search

I thought I would let you know that I have added Google AJAX Search on my Learning Ruby site. This embeds a video bar on the web page and lets you watch Ruby and Rails related videos (presentations, tutorials, etc.) you’ve selected, right there on the site itself. Have fun!

Update to Rails 1.2.2

Update your working copy to the latest version of Rails 1.2.2, by going to your command prompt and entering:

Kidzworld: One Of The Largest Ruby On Rails Sites Ever Deployed

Kidzworld: a fully moderated, safe and secure social networking site for kids. In this world, internet savvy grade-schoolers can play games, enter contests, win prizes, test their knowledge in trivia quizzes

Ruby Re-Awakens Pune in 2006

In the early part of 2006, in my hometown Pune, everyone would associate Ruby with ‘Ratnaraj‘ or “king of precious stones” as per our ancient language of Sanskrit. Over the year things have changed, and the Ruby language and its famous framework Rails are seeing a huge surge of popularity here.

Ruby declared TIOBE's Programming Language of the Year 2006!

Curt Hibbs reports that Ruby is now in the top ten languages in the TIOBE index, and has been declared Programming Language of the Year for 2006 because it had the largest popularity increase in 2006 of all the languages tracked.