Poll: Ruby Problems for Beginners and Prizes

Many RubyLearning participants wrote in asking RubyLearning to start a weekly post containing a problem to be solved using Ruby. A problem will be posted here every week / fortnight and anyone is free to offer their solution (the solution should be clear-cut, follow Ruby conventions and still be easy to understand) as a comment to the blog post. A small panel will evaluate the solutions received and decide the best amongst them all.

Can you help RubyLearning with your suggestions?

New Course Offerings We’re rapidly expanding our course offerings here at RubyLearning, trying to keep up with the enormous and ever-growing interest in Ruby. But we need your YOUR help because, as you know, Ruby is a big subject, and we’d like to be sure to focus in on the areas of most interest to you. A Note regarding the courses mentioned in the poll below: Ruby Testing and TDD: (starting from the concepts of testing in general, Test::Unit and other tools are discussed.