Ruby Certification

After completing your study of the Ruby Study Notes here, it would be beneficial for you to give the:

  • The Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer examinations are intended for such people as engineers who design, develop, and/or operate Ruby-based systems, consultants who make Ruby-based system proposals, and instructors who teach Ruby. Those who are certified are recognized fairly for their skills as Ruby engineers and as having high levels of Ruby-based system development capabilities. Acquiring the certification makes it possible to appeal to others of the basic knowledge and application skills possessed that are necessary for Ruby-based system development. Those who pass the examination are certified by the Ruby Association as a Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer.
  • Ruby - Basic Certification examination at the JavaBlackBelt Certification Community.

The objective of Ruby - Basic Certification examination is:

To test knowledge of the language core syntax and OO concepts. You should understand that Ruby is a genuine object-oriented language and everything it manipulates with, are objects. No specific API knowledge is required. Only the most frequently used built-in classes and methods are covered. The knowledge of any external libraries is not necessary. The given exam covers Ruby 1.8.x features and syntax.

Danny's Blog has an interview with Mr. John Rizzo, one of JavaBlackBelt's founders. Here, John talks about the Ruby exam on JavaBlackBelt.

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