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Meet some of the people who liked this tutorial.

Ruby Gurus

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper: One problem I experience when learning new languages is that while it's easy to plough through a book and feel pretty smart at the end.. when you come to writing code, you start to realize you need to read all that stuff again a few times until it sinks in. With that in mind, I'd recommend Satish Talim's bumper collection of Ruby tutorials that cover similar ground to Programming Ruby but, naturally, approach things from a slightly different direction. Seeing it all over again is more likely to get the knowledge to stick. Peter Cooper is the author of 'Beginning Ruby' book.


Moritz Reiter

Moritz Reiter: Thanks a lot for your work on "Learning Ruby"! The guide is very concise and understandable and helps me very much with my efforts on getting familiar with Ruby.

Matt Chen, China

Matt Chen: Thank you for your awesome Ruby tutorial. Your explanations are clear and direct. Your tutorial really helped me understand the underlying principles and core concepts. Also you cover some best practices and comparisons for Ruby newbies from the Java community like me, and this really helped me a lot.

Deepak Shivhare

Deepak Shivhare: I am new to Ruby. I am going through your site. In my opinion, the site is a must for Ruby beginners. You have mentioned all the things and covered all the topics. Most of all, and which I think is important, is that you have explained all the topics with examples. I would like to thank you for providing us this invaluable resource.

Luc Juggery

Luc Juggery: Thanks a lot for your really good tutorial!!!
I started learning Ruby a couple of months ago; read a lot of articles, tutorials,... and I finally found yours. The tutorial is really detailed and made me really want to go deeper into this language. I cannot use Ruby at work, I do not have the opportunity, well... except for a couple of short scripts every time I can. I really want to dive deeper in the Ruby world and I thank you once again for your work!!


Russell.Turley: Thanks for the great tutorial. I've found your site the most friendly for a person new to programming as well as new to Ruby.

Nkinga J.N.

Nkinga J.N.: I appreciate your presentation on Ruby. I've come across many distinguished eBooks but your Tutorial is phenomenonal. I'm a Civil Engineer working and raised in Tanzania, East Africa. Ruby will help me in the repetitive calculations in this profession.

Diogo Baeder, Brazil

Diogo Baeder: Your Ruby Study Notes eBook is really great! The way I'm using it to study is, through jEdit with some useful plugins like ProjectViewer, Ruby Console and more, so that I can go by the chapters easily in the PDF, look at the code inside jEdit and run the command in the ruby studies folder from your zipped programs. It couldn't be easier to study. I also think your eBook is really great and complete. Most chapters are tiny and with small examples, but the way you explain them is very clear and objective! Well Satish, I only have to thank you for the great eBook and for your kind support.

Michael Uplawski, Germany

Michael Uplawski: Frankly speaking, I would not have started learning yet another programming language, if I had not found Afterwards I cannot say, why no other tutorial could keep my attention for long enough to spark my interest. Finally I am happy to stay with the little Ruby community, that evolves around the site and its online class and am casually becoming productive with Ruby. You made me first comprehend the basics of a language which is very different from those, I knew before, and in the end curious for my future Ruby-adventures. OMG, I am a programmer...

Odracir Antunes Jr., Brazil

Odracir Antunes Jr.: I would like to thank you very much! "The Free Online Ruby Programming Course" and the "Free Study Notes on Ruby" helped me a lot. I think that your book/course is very well designed and complete. The chapters sequence/content was arranged in a very didactic way. Short texts merged with simple examples clearly explain the concepts in each lesson. The exercices point to key concepts, and help the learning process a lot. In my opinion, your ebook is a "must-read" for anyone who wants to learn Ruby. Congratulations!

Jose Mendoza, Brazil

Jose Mendoza: I am very happy and satisfied to have taken your Free Online Ruby programming course. This course helped me get a grasp on Ruby. The course is very interesting and I would recommend the same very strongly.

Willian Molinari, Brazil

Willian Molinari: I am very happy of my knowledge of Ruby, after I underwent your Ruby course! The course that Satish provided us is simply fantastic and I had a lot of fun learning Ruby along with hundreds of other participants. I feel that the best way to learn Ruby programming is to take this Free Online course provided by Satish. Congratulations!

Pawel Radecki, Poland

Pawel Radecki: The Free Online Ruby Programming Course, gave me a fantastic opportunity to revise the theory and try it in practice.

Paulo Henrique Mendes de Souza, Brazil

Paulo Henrique Mendes de Souza: I never trusted these online courses and thought they could never be as good and as comprehensive as normal presencial courses. But since these are generally very expensive, I found Satish's free online course and signed up for a test. By the end of the fourth week I had already changed my mind completely. The course is totally serious and I have learned a lot, even more than if it was presencial. Satish is a great teacher and always helped me when I needed. I'm sure that any person who enrolls for the new batches will learn as much as (or more than) I did.

Jose Carlos Monteiro, Portugal

Jose Carlos Monteiro: I've learned Pascal, C, LISP, C++, Java and other languages while I was at the University. When I started working I had to learn - on the job training - Delphi, and from then on I realized that most programming languages are more or less easy to learn if one invests time and has a book or some source of information to get started. This way I've learned Perl, PHP, PL/SQL and a small set of others. But in doing so I never really felt that I had properly learned about each one. And I was afraid that the same thing would happen to me while learning by following online books, articles and other references. Until... until I stumbled on a link that pointed out to a Free Online Course for Ruby. Being online was a major advantage for me, due to time constraints, and being free was a plus since money is short and my company only invests in "well-known" languages. The first 2 to 3 weeks, after the course started, I was mostly on "reading-mode" in the forums and was satisfied to accomplish the exercises and quiz. Until, due to some discussion in a thread, I realized that I had to participate more, and more often, in the forums. By doing so then suddenly, easily, almost without realizing I started to feel that I'm really learning how to code in Ruby. And that what I learn makes sense even when applied in other scenarios instead of being just a huge pile of "glued blocks of code". It's code that I can re-use, that I understand - probably more than in other languages - and that is fun. That is indeed a major advantage of Ruby: coding is fun! And as Marcos and others have mentioned: this course is about participation and sharing, to which I add "discuss" as well. One final word to thank Satish, for his dedication, efforts and commitment in the success of this online course and to thank the community of participants, from teachers to students (which is growing and I'm so glad to be a part of it).

Al Snow, USA

Al Snow: After learning about Ruby at 2006 NFJS conference, I bought books, subscribed to Ruby/Rails podcasts, and attended Atlanta Ruby user group, but did not spend much time learning or using the language. When I saw the course announcement this January (2008), I knew the structure of a class would help me, so I signed up immediately. This is much more than a course - this is a "open-source" community of sharing regular training material/exercises/quizzes and of contributing to each other learning through blogs, wikis, forums, and emails. As an example, in addition to read the material and doing the exercises and course project, I have contributed through exercise solutions, course ideas, unit tests, and external references (i.e., Google Summer of Code, 99 Problems Solutions). I have really enjoyed it and invite everyone to come and join our growing Ruby community in learning and sharing.

Renato Candido, Brazil

Renato Candido: The collaborative work existed long before the Internet was created but its creation was responsible for increasing interaction amongst people very distant from each other. Free software came from it. Among free software, we have Ruby and Ruby on Rails. This course reflects exactly this ideology: Collaborative work. I'm new to Ruby and the course was a very good start to this amazing language. The studying notes, the discussion forums, the exercises, the teacher's work and specially the students, make this a very good place for learning the language basics and new programming techniques through collaborative work. I'd like to thank Satish for this resource.

David Foard, USA

David Foard: I just wanted to thank you for teaching the Ruby course. I learned a lot, plus the course spurred me to do a lot of extra reading and branching off on my own. My real work load caught up with me about 3 weeks ago, so I had to reduce my time spent on Ruby. However, I now use Ruby whenever I want to tackle a new problem, that I would have done in other languages (VB.Net or Cache). For example, I am a big fantasy sports fan and help run a league. Every year, we create new team divisions which has been a manual, time consuming process. However, with Ruby, I was able to write code that will automate this process so that it only take a few minutes tops to input the parameters and then seconds to generate the teams for each division.

Alexei Shilin, Russian Federation

Alexei Shilin: This was my first experience with online programming courses. I started to learn Ruby before I heard about, but for me it was a problem to start from the beginning and have all the basic concepts and technics of the language lined up and grasped in a nice sequence of lessons. To cover up everything I needed some external motivation - this course made me do it, and I am happy now because I have a better understanding of the whole picture of the Ruby programming language. This will help me in the future. Participants and Satish Talim as the host were really responsive and gave me a hand when I was struggling with some misunderstandings or would stumble against issues I could not fully grasp. That is the strongest side of this course - helpful and friendly community. My colleagues made me feel very comfortable here and showed me one more time that learning and coding in Ruby _is_ fun! And the more fun it is, the more productive you are and everyone is happy.

William Nelson, Sweden

William Nelson: I am glad for having had this opportunity to study Ruby with Satish and so many other outstanding programmers. Their collective input has given me many insights that I would never have garnered simply from reading Ruby books (which I now have done). As a beginner (both with Ruby and programming), I knew that the road to learning would be a steep upward climb...but it has been leveled considerably by the format and structure of this course, and mostly by reading the forum discussions! What wonderful, lively and engaging discussions of the coding world of Ruby. I am glad I learned enough Ruby to appreciate these discussions and hopefully in the near future my Ruby prowess will allow me to contribute as well... I think the learning revolution via Internet is starting to gather momentum and Satish is definitely pioneering this movement with his engaging Ruby learning courses. Many thanks and I now, thanks to this course, have Ruby running in my veins...and hopefully pumping life into my programming attempts to put Ruby to work in the information dense world of the life sciences. Many thanks for a wonderful learning experience!

Cihan Inan, Turkey

Cihan Inan: This course was "the chance of my life with programming languages." I have tried to learn Ruby before this course, but that way it was hard for me. In this course, when I solved a given exercise, I was also able to read other people's programs and that helped me improve my code. If you are a beginner in Ruby, this course is the best way to improve yourself. I want to thank you, Satish Talim, for this wonderful course and your immense patience with us. Also I want to thank the assistant teachers for pointing out the problems in our code and helping us write better Ruby code.

Fran Dieguez Souto, Spain

Fran Dieguez Souto: I liked this course because: (a) I could see the code of other programmers (b) I could improve my knowledge of Ruby (c) I had regular exercices to do (d) The publicly accessible theory note were concise and helpful. Thank you Mr. Talim and the people who participated in this course.

Pedro B. Costa Neves, Brazil

Pedro B. Costa Neves: Well, I really enjoyed the progress of the course. These 3 months of learning was really appreciated, I thought it would be much more difficult to learn Ruby, but with the help of the asst. teachers at the forums and the help of Satish course and exercises, it was quite easy. I will subscribe to the next batch as I know that the course becomes better with each new batch, as new and better things are added. To everyone who participated, a big hug.

Marcos Souza, Brazil

Marcos Souza: What can I say about this course? It is not just a course really. It is Satish's passionate project, and after a while it has become ours too. I am still following the subsequent batches, learning more and more. I have made a lot of friends with diferent skills and view-points. This was and still being, one of the most important experiences in my life. Thank you Satish, my real Ruby Guru. And thank you all the folks of the various batches.

Anil Wadghule, India

Anil Wadghule: Satish Talim's Ruby programming course helped me a lot. One thing I liked about it is that assignments solutions / answers are sent in by different participants; everybody had a different view to solve a problem. I saw solutions that I had not thought in that way. Everybody was enthusiastic. I think this course is unique in its kind. Every programming language learner should never miss a chance to participate in this course. I even had enrolled for second course. The best thing is, it is free.

Matheus Ricardo Uihara Zingarelli, Brazil

Matheus Ricardo Uihara Zingarelli: This course not only taught me how to code in Ruby but also taught me how to ENJOY the art of coding. Our professor, Satish Talim, helped us every time we needed help, gave us links, reading material, fast answers in the forums and so much more. Talking about the forums, they were the best part for me: lots of people, different experiences, doing the same course, sharing code and comments, having fun, helping others... it was really, really good! I recommend the course for everyone! You'll have a great time there!

Daniel C. Milks, Switzerland

Daniel C. Milks: Thank you for putting together such an easily (and globally) accessible, well thought through course. This course really helps participants effectively find/achieve a solid basis in the basics of Ruby development. It has been a pleasure to work through the materials here, and I feel that what I have learned during the last 10 weeks has prepared me to now take on interesting 'real-world' assignments. This course is a wonderful place to start when one comes to Ruby; I recommend it without reservation!

Bruno Pedroso, Brazil

Bruno Pedroso: I'd like to thank you very much for the course. It was great. The content of the course is very well presented and easily understandable. It covers a broad set of topics and the site functionality is rich and appropriate. The exercises forums are very participative and I could satisfy all my doubts immediately and to my satisfaction, and at the same time realised other ways to solve the problems. I only have to thank Satish for his availability. The course is great!

Renato Willi, Brazil

Renato Willi: As a project manager with little time and a big challenge ahead and being a long time away from programming, this course could address all my expectations and I could understand everything that was taught. Ruby was easy and fun to learn. A good surprise. I've learned all I needed to know to understand my team's needs, see it's difficulties and now we can talk the same language.

Adarsh, India

Adarsh: Thank you so much for your free online Ruby Programming course. As a beginner in Ruby, this online course helped me very much to understand the core content of the subject. This was my first experience with online programming courses.

Daniel Kotowski, Poland

Daniel Kotowski: My previous experience with Ruby was little. As soon as I read some books on this language I knew that this language was worthy exploring. I was also looking for other ways to learn Ruby. Then, while googling, I came across the Free Online Ruby Programming Course by Satish Talim. I can say, without any hesitation, that it was the most valuable click I ever made. I found that the most efficient way to learn Ruby was exchanging information with other participants. Slowly, I got more and more involved. Since then I've became an active part of the Ruby course community. The most important idea of the course is "Participate and Share". This was something I absolutely couldn't learn from books. I am covinced that helping others with their code problems, helped me to learn Ruby faster. This course also helped me to get familiar with such an interesting language as Ruby, in a human-friendly way. This course is the best for newbies, but professionals can also learn a lot too. The level of learning is really flexible, and everyone can take advantage of it. Thank you Satish for always being there, whenever we needed help.

Ambanna Yatnal, India

Ambanna Yatnal: Thanks a lot for your work on Learning Ruby, Your Ruby tutorial is really very good to understand each and every concept. Your explanations are clear and direct. Thanks once again to "YOU and Your Hard work".

Chris Howland, UK

Chris Howland: Thank you very much for a highly enjoyable and informative course. The sharing of code on the forums and the constructive comments from the tutors and helpers makes so much difference and places this course well ahead of anything similar that I have seen. This should be the model for all online learning!

Bruce Wehr, USA

Bruce Wehr: I am an embedded software engineer, and recently joined a project-in-progress where the team was using Ruby (and/or rake) almost exclusively to automate most of the repetitive tasks. From building the code to programming the target, from handling source code control, automated unit tests and system tests - it all used Ruby. I needed to learn Ruby in order to be able to create and/or modify programs as the project grew. Being a C programmer and not an OO programmer provided some challenges, but the helpful community of course participants was always there to provide assistance. Thanks again for all the work you've put into this.

Ilian Mitev, Bulgaria

Ilian Mitev: First and foremost, I want to thank Satish (and the assistent teachers of course), for their time and effort. This has been an incredible course. I would recommend it to anyone! It doesn't matter if you have an extensive background in programming or if you are like me, new to programming and Ruby is your first taste of this complex world! Satish's course is wonderful. It teaches you everything you need to know to start programming. What makes it better than all the books out there are the assignments you get, not only do you have to compose your own unique code but you can see how other people cope up with the tasks, which makes the learning experience so much better that learning alone. Plus the community is great and Satish is a wonderful teacher.

Jim Pryke, Canada

Jim Pryke: When I first came across Satish Talim's Ruby course, I knew that I wanted very much to learn Ruby, but I didn't know if I would ever succeed. I hadn't taken any formal training in computer science since 1985, and I had tried with very little success to learn Perl and PHP from books starting in the 1990s. Even more discouraging was the fact that I had been reading several well regarded Ruby books over a period of about 4 months, and I still didn't understand enough about the language to write very useful programs. The course made a huge difference for me. I learned more in my first four weeks in the course than I had in the previous four months. I can recognize a number of specific ways that the course helped me. Being in the course forced me to focus on particular aspects of learning Ruby each week. That's a lot more effective than moving from topic to topic as I had been. Being able to read other people's comments and questions helped tremendously. There are many concepts that most people simply don't grasp the first time they encounter them, but that they will find simple once they learn more. When I was trying to teach myself Ruby from books, I expected that I should master each concept as I encountered it, and I spent many frustrating hours trying to grasp concepts that I simply wasn't ready for. Comments from Satish and others taught me to move on, and that everything would eventually become clear once I had learning other lessons. Working though the assignments helped to clarify many things for me as well, and being able to ask questions when I encountered something that I didn't understand helped tremendously. I still have a lot to learn, but now I find that I can read most of the code in books like Ruby Cookbook and understand what is happening, and most of the books I was struggling to understand before taking the course seem much more approachable now. Thank you to Satish Talim, the assistant teachers, and my helpful fellow students.

Shilpa Som, India

Shilpa Som: Thanks a lot for conducting such a wonderful course. I tried to learn Ruby myself for a few months, but hardly learnt anything. But after enrolling in your course I really learnt more. I recommend this course to everybody who wants to learn Ruby, and the best part of this course is the "share and learn concept." Thanks to all the assistant teachers who helped me improve my programming skills. The Ruby study notes are simple and well distributed which makes learning a new language easier. The assignments are very interesting and challenging to write the best code possible.

Victor H. Goff III, USA

Victor H. Goff III: I am very glad that I decided to take Satish Talim's Online Ruby Programming course. I tend to learn better when there is discussion, questions and examples to learn from. The participation in the forums were key to learning and understanding the material. The sample programs are good, but having submitted code to look at and test and break, and fix again really helps bring home different ways of thinking about the same problem.

Jeffrey Lewis Hales, USA

Jeffrey Lewis Hales: The free online beginning Ruby course taught by Satish Talim at not only gave me a great grasp of the Ruby language basics, which it did in spades, but of OO in general. In a matter of 8 weeks, Satish and his fantastic 'gang of instructors' made programming concepts I had been struggling with for years now come easily as choosing a pair of shoes in the morning! I have been 'studying' PHP on my own for the past 8 years with countless web tutorials and massive tomes and can only call myself a hacker, but with only 8 weeks of directed studies believe I am now more fluent in Ruby than PHP.

Rollyn Moises, Philippines

Rollyn Moises: Starting an online course needs dedication, patience and contribution from the participants, I salute Satish for giving us the opportunity to enjoy programming with Ruby and be able to know people who had the same passion as I have. Thanks a lot Satish, you have me as ambassador in my country, Philippines.

Sandeep Suryavanshi, India

Sandeep Suryavanshi: The course content is very systematically arranged and therefore very useful for a beginner. Also the example given in the content are very simple and easy to understand. The points to remember is a short summary for every lesson and therefore it helps in memorizing the whole lesson. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to learn such an awesome language.

Edward Redman, USA

Edward Redman: I liked the course because (a) It allowed me to learn aspects of Ruby I probably would not of studied, if I were continuing to learn on my own. (b) For that very reason it expanded my knowledge of Ruby far beyond what I had studied over the past three years. (c) When I got stuck or did not know what to do, I had a large group of fellow students who were more than willing to share how they tackled the same problem. This gave the course the feeling of a school rather than a home study course. When I could I took part in the forums but because of other commitments I was not always available. Thanks again to all course instructors and to you for putting on such a worthwhile course.

Leonardo M. Brambilla, Argentina

Leonardo M. Brambilla: I want to say that the course was excellent. It let me know many aspects of Ruby, that otherwise I wouldn't be able to learn. A special thanks to all my course mates that let me see specific and new issues about Ruby as the course was progressing. Only remains to thank Satish and to the group of people that suportted you and form a great group. Thanks so much for the time and effort dedicated by all of you.

Courtney Jones House, USA

Courtney Jones House: Satish, thank you for everything. I have truly enjoyed the course and am really looking forward to the advanced class. The weekly lessons were laid out in an understandable and digestible order and format and the weekly excercises really put to the test what we had learned from the lessons. The interactions between the students and the teachers always took what I learned to the next level.

Bernie Loriaga, Philippines

Bernie Loriaga: Satish thank you for this Ruby free online course, I really learned and enjoyed this course. Programing is what I wanted to learn for a long time and this was made possible by your online Ruby course. Hope this online course will stay longer to help other people who want to learn Ruby programing. I would also like to say thank you to all the assistant teachers.

Radomir Simic, Serbia

Radomir Simic: I would like to thank Satish for this opportunity. I wanted to learn Ruby for some time now, and even started on reading few books, but did not get any further than running a few basic Rails examples. So, my conclusion was - I have to learn Ruby first. From the very start. So, I found the course and must say that it was nothing but pure fun for me. This way of learning is much better than reading books - you have lessons, exercises, home projects and forums to share with others. Support that I got from the assistant teachers and other students was invaluable to me. I feel that I really had started doing things the Ruby way. And by taking this course, I learned rapidly - something I never experienced when learning from books. So I would recommend it to anyone willing to learn Ruby - this is probably the best way to start.

Krzysztof B. Wicher, UK

Krzysztof Wicher: lead by Satish Talim is a great resource for everyone interested in learning a modern, 100% object-oriented Ruby programming language. A forum-course format, with every-week new lessons forces students, especially those for whom programming is not the every-day bread, to regularly update their knowledge. The best thing however is the opportunity to discuss own solution to the problems with other participants and with the Rubies of the course - the assistant teachers. Thanks for everything.

Lucas Fialho Zawacki, Brazil

Lucas Zawacki: The time I spent studying the Ruby language together with so many people was very fun and productive, and this is what Ruby is all about! Satish and the Asst. teachers provided us a good time and many priceless tips about this wonderful way of pregramming. The language is so wonderful that I feel compelled to spread it, and now I see Satish and the gang are doing their part very well in this process!

Sidon Duarte, Brazil

Sidon Duarte: I have worked with computer for more than 10 years. After a brief contact with the Ruby language to configure a software, I decided that I would have learn it. I never believed in online courses, but I registered myself on the site and now, after only 7 weeks, I must say that I have to review radically my concepts, the course really works. The idea of the debate about the exercises in a forum, could not be better.

Leela Krishna, India

Leela Krishna: I first heard of the word Ruby during the 2nd half of 2007. I read a good article in a Computer Magazine in India. Being a OO enthusiast I wanted to always learn a PURE OO language (Ruby is). While I was searching on the web for Ruby Materials, I luckily saw Satish Sir's website On the site I was excited to see the Ruby Course. The take away from this course to me is more than Ruby basic, a contact with a group of people from different coutries, talents and skills BUT with COMMON interest in Ruby. I tender my sincere thanks to Satish Sir and all his Assistant, to ALL the fellow coursemates who shared their code and thoughts.

Peter Crawford, Italy

Peter Crawford: I came to the Ruby Learning course after a couple of months of playing with RoR, soon realizing that the Ruby part was more crucial than the Rails part - especially since I was seeking a solution to a specific problem which no amount of newbie "code-pasting" was going to solve. What a great experience this course has been! I got my first real taste of a programming language (as opposed to html and css) in the company of a wonderful community of learners, sharing our successes (and mistakes) together. The assistant teachers were fantastic, ever willing to help, and Mr. Talim is to be congratulated heartily for having assembled such an excellent forum in which to learn Ruby. (And, by the way, I solved that little problem in RoR...).

Luciana Souto Mofatto, Brazil

Luciana Souto Mofatto: Learning Ruby was very important to me, as I had experience with other languages like Java, VB6, Cobol and C++. Ruby is a language that I chose to work with Bioinformatics and I believe Ruby is the proper tool for it. Thank you all for the patience, attention and opportunity.

Barrie Hill, Australia

Barrie Hill: Thanks Satish, for making this course available. I have participated in quite a number of courses over the last few years from computer based training to instructor led in a class room. The FORPC101 - Core Ruby Programming course I have just completed is the best study format I have participated. The course being paced over a number of weeks is much easier to absorb than sitting in a classroom for a week. The dedicated band of assistant instructors form all around the world make all the difference. Access to people who provide help with problems when asked is invaluable. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Ruby.

Stefania Spina, Italy

Stefania Spina: The most interesting thing for me (I am a linguist and not a programmer) was the possibility to make some practise in text processing (using Ruby), which is very useful for my job.

Adnan Abbas, Malaysia

Adnan Abbas: When I subscribed for this course I did not realize that it will be that demanding in terms of your time. But I knew I had to put in a lot of time every week (10 hours+) to be active on the forums and do all my exercises / quizzes. In the end, it was really fun learning Ruby with all the Asst. Teachers and Satish helping and guiding you. I am glad that I took this course and would like to continue advancing my skills in Ruby and Ruby on Rails ultimately. An advice to new subscribers, please do not consider this course easy in any way, but once you put in the effort and time it is certainly worth it. I have never seen such dedicated bunch of individuals helping to develop a programming language community and RUBY certainly deserves it.

Felipe Ureta, Ecuador

Felipe Ureta: I love the approach the course has. It is truly effective the way you learn, by sharing code and discusing each topic; you get an insight that you won't get just by reading the material and studying by your self. The teachers are great and they go a long way to make you understand, in a friendly way, your misconceptions and what you are doing wrong. You get the oportunity to see different answers for the same problem from your classmates and compliment each others knowledge. I can safely say that you learn as much from your classmates as from your teachers. Best online course ever.

Jose Alfredo Arias Sangueza, Bolivia

Jose Alfredo Arias Sangueza: Thanks for the course on the Ruby programming language. Here in my country (Bolivia - South America) the people are starting to know about this powerful language and I'll recommend this online free course, Also the course helped me understand concepts and principles of Ruby core. Currently, I develop Web applications in the Java programming language and I am considering use RoR from now, I also see that Ruby is becoming a very popular language, Once Again Thanks!!