Ruby Tutorial: Introduction

Using these Ruby Notes

The Ruby Study Notes is a step-by-step tutorial to programming in Ruby and you can follow it page by page, reading the text and running the sample programs. There are no large applications here - just small, self-contained sample programs.

On the menu-items at the top, you will find a menu-item named Tutorial. This contains links to all the topics you require to study the Ruby programming language. Also, at the bottom of every page you will see the Learning Ruby Navigation that takes you to either the Previous, Next page or the Table of Contents.

Though we would be discussing Ruby on the Windows platform, these notes are appropriate for Linux/Mac users as well.

Explanatory notes (generally provides some hints or gives a more in-depth explanation of some point mentioned in the text) are shown in a shaded box like this:

This is an explanatory note related to Ruby. You can skip it if you like - but if you do so, you may miss something of interest-!

IN RAILS: This explains how the relevant Ruby topic is being used in Rails.

When there is a sample program to accompany the code, the program name is shown like this: hello.rb

Any source code in these study notes, is written like this:

Ruby Code layout is pretty much up to you; indentation is not significant (but using two-character indentation is a common convention amongst Rubyists).

You can download the source code of all the programs shown in the eBook from here or you can cut-paste all of the Ruby programs on this site. Please remember that in Ruby, there's always more than one way to solve a given problem.

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