Looking for 1001 Ways to Promote my Ruby eBook

I have come up with some ideas. Some zany, impractical and okay maybe a bit stupid.. but some are simple, fun and easy to do. Will you help me come up with even more? Any idea is acceptable … this is just a fun brainstorming session <!–more-> to spread the book as far and as wide as it can go! Leave Ruby eBook I am looking for ways to promote my Free Ruby eBook

your comments below (you will have to register to do that…..which is safe, simple and allows you to make comments for other posts as well).. but if you don’t want to do that…. (there are a lot of loops to jump through)… just send me an Email with your idea. and I will add your comments to the list!

Okay.. so I leeched a little from Sister Patricia Proctor but hey that’s just flattery, don’t you think? Sister Patricia Proctor, author of 101 Inspirational Stories of the Power of Prayer, shared 101 ideas for marketing her book with the readers of her blog. Since posting that list, a number of readers have sent her almost 20 more ways — good ways — to market her book.

Okay.. let’s get serious. Please help me make this list!

  1. Make a screen-saver
  2. Tell friends
  3. Announce on radio and TV
  4. Share on Craig’s list
  5. Buy a billboard
  6. Make T-shirts
  7. Decorate a bus
  8. Make bookmarks – leave everywhere
  9. Add a line in all emails
  10. Banner on web page
  11. Promote via Peepcode (by Ryan)
  12. Make News-Suggestions to print-magazines (by Michael Uplawski)
  13. Translate to Japanese and ask Matz for a testimonial
  14. Make a screencast “Ruby in 5 minutes� and put it on YouTube (by Chris Porter)
  15. Send out a press release to all the top Ruby blogs / podcasts (by Chris Porter)
  16. Add it as a prize for all the Hackfest winners at WWR (by Juanjo)
  17. Streak across a morning news show while waving your book in the air… (by Tim Kadom)
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